12-year-old teaches town to lose weight

Twelve-year-old Mason Harvey was teased in school for being overweight until he turned his life around, losing 85 pounds in one year. Byron Pitts reports on …

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28 Responses to 12-year-old teaches town to lose weight

  1. TheConnorAC3 says:

    Keep on truckin’?

  2. Maltesersarecool says:

    Yeah lol!!

  3. nubsniper143 says:

    did he say ill splooge a little at 1:27 XD

  4. daynarandazzo12 says:

    I’m I’m 5 0 and 110

  5. Evelyn Alfonso says:

    Im 5″2 and 115 is that too much?

  6. scarecrow770 says:

    so u r now 121 pounds now i am 125 i need to loose weight people make fun of me alot im not mexican but i eat alot of tacos and chilli fries i need to stop but its hard my mom forces me

  7. Francis Gabriel says:


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  8. born2kill20 says:

    lol i love how there is a McDonalds comercial before the video

  9. mada haryoto says:

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  10. Manhcuongweb says:

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  11. sudipta4376 says:

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  12. naim hassan says:

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  13. Asha Shiromi says:

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  14. SnoopKidGaming says:

    but the key is how to actually lose weight

  15. xTechViewx says:

    this kisd is my idol although i wish they went into more depth on how to do it

  16. Jacob Tharp says:

    sadly im watching this because im 11 and 220 pounds

  17. Talha Kayani says:

    13 and i am 134 i need to loose weight in a bout 3 week idk what to do ???

  18. PureTrimWeightLoss says:

    Im going to subscribe to your channel. I hope you don’t mind returning the favor. Thanks 🙂

  19. Rookie6240 says:

    I’m 11 and I’m 146. Time to start losing weight 😀

  20. ChocolateWolf1121 says:

    I have weight problems too, twelve years old and I am at 125, my doctor actually told me to start working out or she would send me to boot camp, if she does I will tell her to kiss my fat hind end.

  21. joanna smith says:

    Wow that is so inspirational

  22. TheWouldyoukill says:

    because of him i lost 23 pounds 🙂 thanks!

  23. josmeister100 says:

    its amazing im tryin real hard like ill go to walmart lift weights ride my bike everywhere rain shine its hard but people sayin im losin but i just dont see it

  24. AndrewPants400 says:

    drink lot of water tht help me

  25. cole tanner says:

    im 13 im 250 pounds and i exercise more than anyone in my special ed class who are all toothpicks i run faster then most of them because i use treadmills BUT I GAIN WHEIGHT
    any1 with same problem i have a 4 pack because i work out muscle is heavier than fat statistically im buff

  26. PureTrimWeightLoss says:

    this video is amazing

  27. rebeccakhang says:


  28. rebeccakhang says:

    does it actually work?

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