200 Calorie Meals For The Busy Woman

My Blog: www.checkinthemirror.blgospot.com His Blog fromayoungchef.blogspot.com Twitter: www.twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Dish #1- Bibb Lettuce Tuna Fish Sandwich Two pieces of bibb lettuce Tuna Mix- 2 tablespoons low-fat mayonnaise 1 tablespoon yellow mustard 2 Tablespoon sliced onion 2 Tablespoons of diced celery Drizzle of olive oil Option: 1 Tablespoon fresh tarragon and picked parsley Dish #2- Tomato salad 2-3 Medium organic tomatoes Multi grain croutons 15 leaves of basil 2 ounces of goat cheese Drizzle olive oil Drizzle red whine vinegar 1 tablespoon sliced onion Dash of salt and pepper

25 Responses to 200 Calorie Meals For The Busy Woman

  1. jordanasultanaaa says:

    I completely agree!!! 200 calories for a main meal is like half what it should be…

  2. beautymatterz123 says:

    i love this video!!!!! btw id love to have a husband thts a cheff!!!!

  3. Vicki Marie says:

    i <3 salads and tuna!!! xxx

  4. bonnysisson says:

    Didn’t look like a full 2tbsp of olive oil was added to either of those meals, 2tbsp is quite a lot tho. 2tsp would probably be sufficient. Either way, healthy and yummy and perfect for time-pressed ppl.
    Some ppl are saying ‘why would u eat so little’ etc but don’t forget the whole point of this vid is to show how quickly u can whip something healthy up when ur busy, rather than grabbing something unhealthy to eat on the run, like a burger or whatever. This is a good vid and I like the goat ch

  5. MakeUpAndMissJackson says:

    i would love to see more videos like this! I have been obsessed with making tuna wraps lately so this looks so yummy!

  6. Anamariaissmiling says:

    um how many calories are you eating daily …

  7. TriellaStar says:

    i love how he has her do everything because then it proves that any body could do it and it wont take too much time.

  8. angelfoodcake1979 says:

    what a fab idea! I’d love to see more of these!!

  9. nakupenda999 says:

    because it’s much healthier to eat 4-5 200 calorie meals per day than 2-3 bigger ones.

  10. nakupenda999 says:

    because it’s much healthier to eat 4-5 200 calorie meals per day than 2-3 bigger ones. 

  11. rachelleyoung83 says:

    I’m not sure what kind of olive oil you’re buying, but my own is only 70 calories per tablespoon.

  12. HoolaHonoluluHoney says:

    Honey, this video is great! Perfect for me, the working, super busy woman! THANKS.

  13. YourBeautyDoctor says:

    I was thinking that throughout the whole video. 200 calories is more like a snack rather than a whole lunch. It’s not quite “healthy” to eat so little. :S

  14. gayanm900 says:

    Hihi, have you thought about this program called the SkinniMaker Diet? (do a google search). My mate says it helps people get thinner.

  15. thewifeybea says:

    awesome video ! really helpful! you two should do more videos likes this together 🙂

  16. maghaliqhna dzulfiqar says:

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  17. prettyletmedown says:

    I LOVE this type of video!! Could you do more sometime?

  18. SuperAiub says:

    Sup, have you considered this method called the Fat Blast Furnace? (look it up on google). My cousin says it helps people lose weight easily.

  19. SuperAiub says:

    Hey, have you thought about this thing called the Fat Blast Furnace? (Google it). My friend says it helps people lose weight faster.

  20. MusicalEssence92 says:

    lol. meals? these would make great snacks! thanks for the recipes (:

  21. dianabanaan12 says:

    I agree! Even the tuna, I bet has more than 200 calories, the mayo and olive oil.

  22. UberVersatile says:

    Selleri is great. It’s fiber-structure and low calory means that it takes more energy to grind it down than what it gives you. It’s not very healthy (for me healthy is having alot vitamins/minerals) but it can add nice taste and it’s a good snack!

  23. PreciousChaos29 says:

    why would you only want 200 calories for your lunch? if youre not anorexic i mean. if youre busy but youre gonna eat you might as well be sane and eat an entire meal.or am I missing something here?

  24. vintagenan says:

    You are both so cute together. I love the tuna idea very good.

  25. sparklesglitzandglam says:

    are you pregnant? :B

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