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Bacteria make you fat Obesity caused in your gut

The logic behind weight-loss surgery seems simple: rearrange the digestive tract so the stomach can hold less food and the food bypasses part of the small intestine, allowing fewer of a meal’s calories to be absorbed. Bye-bye, obesity.

A study of lab mice, published on Wednesday, begs to differ. It concludes that one of the most common and effective forms of bariatric surgery, called Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, melts away pounds not – or not only – by re-routing the digestive tract, as long thought, but by changing the bacteria in the gut.

Or, in non-scientific terms, the surgery somehow replaces fattening microbes with slimming ones.

If that occurs in people, too, then the same bacteria-changing legerdemain achieved by gastric bypass might be accomplished without putting obese patients under the knife in an expensive and risky operation.

bacteria make you fat

Some people eat and eat and never seem to gain weight — until metabolic changes occur.

Many think it’s because of age, but now new evidence suggests an association between weight gain and an overabundance of “gut bacteria” called Methanobrevibacter smithii.

Scientists performed breath analyses. People with more methane and hydrogen in their breath had more M. smithii.

“These hydrogen-producing organisms actually aid fermentation in the gut, which fermentation is another way to metabolize calories,” said Dr. Ben Garrett, Providence St. Joseph Medical Center.

Researchers found people with more M. smithii had more body fat. Dr. Ben Garrett says these bacteria may help the body absorb calories more efficiently.

“If you do more fermenting you create more calories that are available to the person,” said Garrett.

A medium apple has about 80 calories. According to this theory, somebody with high concentrations of the M. smithii bacteria would metabolize all 80 of the calories. Somebody who does not may metabolize just 70 calories. And over time someone who is ingesting all those extra calories would gain weight.

This bacteria loves fructose. All Fructose. Just say no to Fruit and all fructose laden products !



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