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Use Scents to Lose Weight Without Hunger

Everybody knows that the sense of smell to a large extent governs our appetite. Neurologist Dr. Alan Hirsch has taken this simple truth and used it to help people lose weight without suffering hunger pangs.

“Our sense of smell and our appetite are closely related,” says Dr. Hirsch, author of Dr. Hirsch’s Guide to Scentsational Weight Loss. “More than 90 percent of taste is smell.”

When you smell food, odor molecules enter the nostrils and reach the olfactory, or smell, center at the top of the nose. The molecules affect the brain’s satiety center, located in the hypothalamus, and they send a signal that you’ve had enough to eat. The molecules trigger the release of hormones that create the sense of fullness even before you get the “stop eating” signal from your stomach. According to Dr. Hirsch, you can fool your brain into thinking you’ve eaten more than you have, so you feel satisfied while eating less. And as a bonus, you can eat whatever foods you like.

Dr. Hirsch has the scientific evidence to back his theory. He conducted a study involving 3,193 overweight volunteers. Each was given an inhalant containing various herb and fruit scents and was told to inhale three times into each nostril when they felt hungry. “The more people used the device, the more weight they lost,” says Hirsch.


Woman Motivated by Cosplay Loses 44 Pounds

For many, life is a never-ending battle to achieve a slim waistline. Some try fad dieting, others exercise, but the most painful part of trying to lose weight is not seeing results. Yet one woman found a way to stay motivated and lost an amazing 20 kg (44 lbs).

Her motivator? Cosplay! But she didn’t want to simply dress in costume for her own pleasure. This woman’s goal was to maintain her D cup breasts, slim down her stomach, and wear the skimpiest outfit she could find.


Around ten years ago, Rolan Ajo of Taiwan weighed over 70 kg (154 lbs) and decided to try cosplay for the first time. But Ajo was disappointed with her reflection in the mirror and felt bad about her body.

“What I saw was the fat version of my favorite anime character. My impression of the character instantly crumbled…I was laughed at and looked down on because I was so fat and it broke my heart,” she remembers bitterly.

From that point, Ajo’s diet began. But it wasn’t an easy road to becoming slim. “I knew I had to not eat so much in order to lose weigh, but I quickly rebounded. If I relaxed and tried to have fun losing weight, I gained weight,” she admits.

Whenever Ajo’s spirits were crushed, she turned to cosplay for support. She thought of the cosplay costumes she wasn’t able to fit in and visualized being able to wear them. She also imagined how happy she would be when she was finally able to wear a very revealing costume. With cosplay as her motivator, Ajo succeeded in losing 20 kg (44 lbs) after ten years of dieting.