3 Tips to Eating Less and GETTING A 6 PACK

I used to be FAT… until I found THIS: http://go2.sixpackshortcuts.com/aff_c?offer_id=6&aff_id=2634&aff_sub=3TipstoEatingLessandGETTINGA6PACK&aff_sub2=DESC&…

You couldn’t see my boyfriend’s picture that well, so here’s a link: http://i.imgur.com/CQjl1.png Let’s go over my daily meal plan! ­čÖé Breakfast: Option 1) -…
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49 Responses to 3 Tips to Eating Less and GETTING A 6 PACK

  1. SashDawg1991 says:

    Awesome vid! Really helpful, increases the amount of protein intake at´╗┐ every meal, but one draw back is that the farts are a billion times worse ­čśÇ

  2. Mikelpsu11 says:

    I would avoid the enriched foods and get it from the source if´╗┐ possible

  3. phlypoc says:

    hes not´╗┐ flexing

  4. hollymayreynolds says:

    This is great! I’m definitely going to try out the drinking two cups of water before I eat! And going to try to eat fiber enriched food´╗┐

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  6. conor duffy says:

    What are´╗┐ good workouts for six packs

  7. john harrison says:

    what do you think!´╗┐

  8. john harrison says:

    i do´╗┐ work out

  9. jhonesQ says:

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  10. TheKaranEdition says:

    if you dont want to work out why are you checking out´╗┐ an excercize channel..

  11. john harrison says:

    no but i wernt talking to you or him, that was directly´╗┐ at chang!

  12. sahil sharma says:

    Wow. Good vid.

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  13. Ayyjjayy says:

    no one´╗┐ asked you to talk either

  14. john harrison says:

    i know but your just a faggy sheep fanboy, now dont speak´╗┐ unless you are spoken to next time

  15. Royalsparkzz says:

    ur´╗┐ the one getting too many negative votes fuking fag. unlike you i appreciate what mike is posting.

  16. Tonight3506 says:

    Very useful´╗┐ info, thanks!

  17. john harrison says:

    shut up you little twerp, no on like you!´╗┐

  18. Royalsparkzz says:


  19. john harrison says:

    no´╗┐ thanks my diet and training are doin just fine, and for your little information, a mcdonalds wont do you anyharm, only your empty head will!

  20. frici pappi says:

    your fucked up go´╗┐ eat mcdonalds

  21. john harrison says:

    mike chang i just went to your channel and you basically dont agree with people that dont want to work out, who the fuck do you think you´╗┐ are? if people dont wanna work out thats up to them NOT YOU!

  22. Anthony Chua says:

    when you are talking are you purposely flexing´╗┐ your chest muscles?

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  24. Jason Gwaley says:

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  36. allen walker says:

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  38. Vineet Ramana says:

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  39. brooke brown says:

    I like this video and I might try them´╗┐ things

  40. 4254457618e says:

    I didn’t really´╗┐ enjoy this sorry.

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  44. Danny Star says:

    thanx !! your awesome …bless´╗┐ you xo danny

  45. MsFatlose says:

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  46. joanna smith says:

    I´╗┐ think that baby got everyone attention

  47. randomspassfartsound says:

    I’m your biggest´╗┐ fan, I love all your videos and I would really appreciate it if you would look at my videos

  48. RubberDuckie7711 says:

    Baby is so adorable´╗┐ -3 (:

  49. Tareq Shikder says:

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