30 Pounds Insanity Weightloss Before and After photos.

I completed the Insanity workout by beach body and had success. This video I created as inspiration for anyone that needs help. I watched so many before and after videos to help me continue on my path to success. I want to be able to pass along that inspiration, so I made my own video. It really works. I spent hours beleiving I couldn’t do the same thing that the other youtubers did, but I did! And so can YOU! If you enjoyed this video please like!

24 Responses to 30 Pounds Insanity Weightloss Before and After photos.

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  2. OccultaMors says:

    If I may, you were already rather pretty when you started, now you are just stunning. Great job.

  3. Mike Robinson says:

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  4. Rebecca Perko Nahra says:

    Wow!! Way to go with your transformation!! Very Inspiring!! Insanity is my favorite workout! I also got some awesome results.
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  5. Jennifer Liu says:

    this is so inspiring!! i was wondering, did you do insanity twice? since it said you had a body transformation in 4 months?

  6. abetterme123 says:

    good job

  7. Sylwia Mucha says:


  8. Umesh Bashyal says:

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  10. NuCl3aRXAce says:

    Best time to work out?
    I usually do Insanity at like 8 in the morning 30 minutes after I wake up (and have my breakfast) Day 2 so far,.

  11. Tracy Bigelow says:

    I loved your vide, thanks for sharing!
    There is a very good tip to weight loss, eat the same amount of calories you are doing now but instead of have them in 3 meals have it in 5,of course if you also reduce the amount of calories you’ll see better result, oh! and remember to drink too much watter.
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  12. monasafar1 says:

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  13. monasafar1 says:

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  14. vivimccall says:

    Hey my name is Vivian and I just bought insanity. And I was wondering if you could please help me and motivate me. I’m currently 5’4 and weigh 187 pounds. I wanna have a beachbody. I wanna make it to the top .please help me out ! All motativation is needed!!!!

  15. Mike Robinson says:

    Start a real weight loss program on POUNDALE.COM Do as I did

  16. River Wheeler says:

    I have a strong mentality and love to push myself and just want to be happy. I’m around 210. I just want to be able to wear a tshirt comfortably every day. I am the kind of person who will do anything to get what I need, unfortunately, paying bills is a little more important then five square meals a day…you have no idea how much it would help me if someone out there made it with as little of a budget as me and could just help me out…I appreciate if you took time out of your day to read this.

  17. River Wheeler says:

    I am an 18 year old in high school who has always had such a hatred for my body type.I started insanity and currently on my third week. I also do crossfit and run whenever I can. the only thing that scares me is the way I eat. I avoid bad things for you like soda and doughnuts, but can’t afford the five day meal plan or have a full dinner everynight. I try to eat meat and take protein drinks whenever I can, but I have only barely seen results and am really curious if I am just wasting my time.

  18. UrSooperJealous says:

    I’m doing Insanity + Weightwatchers currently as well! omg, its so great to see that someone else combined the programs and found success! yayy

  19. Estela Fernando says:

    I am not this overweight im 15 im like half of her at day 1, do you think it will work for me

  20. Anita Sparks says:

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  21. Anita Sparks says:

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  22. 2422178 says:

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  23. Mieke Gebruers says:

    awesome!! you did great, girl!

  24. kristyne84 says:

    Thank you for this video! I really needed to see this! My insanity program should be here anytime and ive got lots of work to do! Im a little bigger than ur before pics but it gives me hope cuz those are big results!! Congrats!!

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