5 Slimming Mood Boosting Foods To Make You Feel Good!

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24 Responses to 5 Slimming Mood Boosting Foods To Make You Feel Good!

  1. soleil101391 says:

    You look really pretty 🙂 and very informative thank you. My diet routine is changing and I so needed the tips you suggested. 🙂 helped out a lot

  2. IngridIbarra10 says:

    have you ever been over weight ?

  3. dragonsofchaosify says:


  4. dragonsofchaosify says:


  5. ColourfulTears says:

    FYI: Melatonin is made from Tryptophan, without it you cannot make melatonin. Melatonin helps your sleep/wake rhythm. I eat 3 squares of dark chocolate a week to help boost my levels.
    Essential fatty acids and amino acids are ones you MUST eat because your body cannot produce them. Cod Liver Oil is a good way to get these 🙂

  6. mrsb1017 says:


  7. mariaaslopkick says:

    HA! funny you are a model (you only have to look good) because you are really smart! you are not only knowing what the good things are that you have to eat and what the bad things are… you also know why they are bad or good! thats impressive! and i think its really great that you also share it! you are a inspiring hero!

  8. LemonLimeGrl says:

    this was really informative and helpful!!

  9. liiisssiii says:

    Wow.. You are a model?? That’s inspiring… Like.. I went to modelling school when I was younger, but then I got a lot of zits and pimples.. And I was like gosh, I can’t be a model.. so I stopped.. and now I see you and you are inspiration!!!

  10. TheEmi13em1 says:

    Haw tall are you ? and what sort of modelling do you do if you don’t mind me asking ? 🙂

  11. soccerlover9902 says:

    Oh my god i can relate to this because fruit makes me sooooo hyper and awake

  12. michinese says:

    This is random and not related to this video, but what’s your take on BB creams?

  13. SunnEStyle says:

    you look super yellow.

  14. allthatbeautyb says:

    super cool, a health conscious science smart beautiful model

  15. MichiLiebe says:

    I don’t know if anyone’s ever said this to you before, but you look like Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman. Very pretty indeed… and thank you for the videos you make 🙂

  16. lossie101 says:

    No winder your a model, your freaking gorgeous!

  17. TheRockbunny11 says:

    You are amazing.
    Thank you so so much for all your helpful video’s 🙂
    Have a kick ass 2012 <3

  18. emmahn1 says:

    Wow you really kill every prejudices about models! You really got something between your ears 🙂
    Keep up the good work! 😀 I’m sure you help a lot of people all around the world – including me.
    Thank you so much! 😀

  19. stali89 says:

    I really liked this, you explained it all in a way I could actually understood an it didn’t bore me all! Which is amazing with my attention span! Haha

  20. mzbellepeche says:

    oh and try to eat as many different coloured fruit and vedg as you can different colours mean different vitamins and minerals

  21. mzbellepeche says:

    I’d give fresh fruit/berries greek yogurt and honey a go for breakfast…its really healthy and tastes good too

  22. oOxStrawberriesxOo says:

    very helpful! love your videos and you xx

  23. Signe0312 says:

    I absolutely love your videos. Love love love them! <3

  24. sarahx3o says:

    You look so beautiful :)

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