500 Before and After Weight Loss Pictures! Amazing!

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Belly Fat Combat: www.bellyfatcombat.com Laura Dens, member progress video. To learn more about Belly Fat Combat, visit: www.bellyfatcombat.com How Long Should the Journey to Get Rid of Your Belly Fat Last? Have you ever asked yourself how long it would take to turn yourself from a chubby couch potato into a magazine cover model? If you haven’t, you probably should… because you might be overestimating how long it takes, or underestimating the necessary time and pushing your weight loss transformation too hard! So, what’s the simple answer for the average belly weight loss ordeal? If you start by assuming that you’re very out of shape, and want to get in perfect shape, then your belly weight loss journey should only take you about four months. These four months include all parts of your body, but especially that stubborn belly where most people store the majority of their fat. A simple rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t try to lose more than a couple pounds per week, on average – losing much more than this will switch your body into that dreaded ‘I’m starving!’ fat-retaining mode. The best weight loss methods take this into account and create a lifestyle you can be comfortable with, instead of trying to strip you of your fat all at once. So, dieting, exercise, or both? The truth is that all three are viable options for anyone who wants to turn into their own before and after success story. If you’re comfortable with aerobics, swimming, or other stamina-based exercises
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45 Responses to 500 Before and After Weight Loss Pictures! Amazing!

  1. JohnThe41 says:

    I Lost 65Lbs using, Link :


  2. suckonmyballsbitch89 says:

    Fatties 🙂

  3. krazymama88 says:


  4. krazymama88 says:


  5. MrPlebeLoco says:

    A few years from now they should post a video of the same people titled before, after and later, I bet most of them will be fatter then they were before! lol

  6. Tramozic says:

    I cannot wait to reach my weight goal! The day I reach I’m going straight to the mall and buy all the things I couldnt before! I will finally find my size! Gah I can’t wait :c

  7. wackinstack says:

    lmfao, my nephew showed me this, I thought everyone was getting really fat! Oh man, I need to get more sleep. Working way too much. Great for everyone who got healthy again.

  8. Summer0771 says:

    @bigman0019 i did ask you bufoon…are you blind or something? i put a question mark after ‘stalker’ look again before you make stupid accusations…

  9. bigman0019 says:

    @Summer0771 Just trying to see what all he did to lose the weight. I am on a weight loss journey myself. You should ask before you make stupid comments.

  10. TheMotherfunkster says:

    @Summer0771 exercise if you can, but even if you dont the way ive lost loads of weight is to not eat anything after 6pm… {obviously dont over eat in the day though} and all I do is 2 walks with the dogs daily for half hour a time. It works trust me

  11. KevinDemar76 says:

    Their food and their laziness make them fat.

  12. Summer0771 says:

    how can i lose weight like that? im a 200 pound 14 year old, and i wanna be 110 pounds by July…help?!

  13. Summer0771 says:

    @bigman0019 stalker?

  14. HOW2lose37LBSin37DAY says:

    Awesome results, congrats! ❤❤ I know many people looking for easy way to loose weight without much efforts..- I just posted how I did it…

  15. Elwoodsmasher says:


  16. rfkr3ikd says:

    Nola34night, the site you are talking about is DSP. I followed their instructions. In just couple of weeks I´ve lost 20 lbs. I recommend it to my friend and she was skeptical at first, but now she is thanking me because she feels sexier than before. Copy and paste the link below into your browser, as they have done new updates!


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  17. bigman0019 says:

    That guy from 5:26-5:28, does he have a youtube channel, or facebook? Or a name or something so we could find him on facebook or youtube?

  18. bigman0019 says:

    The guy at 1:01-1:03 must have gotten surgery done….right?

  19. naturalhigh527 says:

    awesome man love it!

  20. mg2010rm says:

    0:39 omg talk about dramatic weight loss !

  21. musicmovie101 says:

    Don’t fall for all the stupid gimmicks people put out there to try to take advantage of gullible and desperate people who want to lose weight.I know you’ve heard this a billion times but it works. Start eating healthier foods and exercise, thats how God made us and thats how we function. Just walk, jog or dance (Zumba works well). And you’ll be seeing a thinner, leaner more attractive you! I followed a simple routine of a healthy diet, and Dancing/Jogging for two weeks and lost 8 pounds! wohoo:)

  22. IHartPie101 says:

    Gonna start doing cardio for half an hour a day on a treadmill. I’m ten pounds overweight so yeah.

  23. omrau says:

    you should have bikini from stage 1 till the end 😀

  24. femafull says:

    Wow congratulations 🙂

  25. mikecazzx says:

    Yoir insulin resistant from eating sugar and wheat, do some research into paleo and primal eating

  26. frits134 says:

    go to my blog, here i have collected some weight loss programs, and supplement information

  27. armydoc115 says:

    PS - Marry me??? : )

  28. armydoc115 says:

    You were gorgeous before the weight loss, but you’re amazing now! Wow…

  29. loseweightsheffield1 says:

    Great work! You look fantastic!

  30. BethanyKristina says:

    You are perfect now! I am soooo motivated<333

  31. sudiekram says:

    Nice video I tweeted it to my followers for inspiration.  Thanks

  32. neicey1610 says:

    Awesome.. but why do you keep standing with your legs so far apart in this… :s

  33. fatvidsters says:

    sooo amazing! im on a weightloss journey too! wish me luck!

  34. killingmachine52 says:

    how long did it take

  35. QualityPiece says:

    Wauuw You did it so great! Amazing

  36. donalyn00 says:

    Hey There! Thanks a lot for this useful video. By the way, I notice many people keep on talking about Kinovelax Diet Plan (search on google), but I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you considered Kinovelax Diet Plan? I’ve heard some incredible things about it and my work buddy lost crazy amounts of weight with it, but she refuses to tell me 🙁

  37. FamilyGuyBlast says:

    hey, I just uploaded weight expert talking about over weight on fox, you check it out here /watch?v=9QpzdK7wdYY
    P.S. nice video here 😉

  38. qanstomir says:

    Anyone struggling with their weight needs to read the new book by Sean Croxton. I’m a personal trainer and even I learned things from it.

    Step 1: Go to FatLossDarkSide. com

    Step 2: Read the guide and actually FOLLOW IT!

    If you do that, then really, there’s no way you wouldn’t get results. The info is all there, the rest is pretty much up to you.

    And NO, I don’t benefit whatsoever if you decide to use it. Just trying to help out (which is why I came a trainer in the first place)

  39. aofnyc says:

    I’m happy for you! Good job!

  40. fw2wei says:

    Martha34, I agree with you, the site you are talking about is DSP. In a couple of weeks by following their program I´ve lost 20 lbs.I recommend it to my friend and now she´s thanking me because she feels sexier than before. Copy and paste the link below into your browser, they made new updates!


    I´m sure you and I are not the only ones using these techniques, so girls and ladies: GIVE THUMBS UP TO THIS COMMENT IF YOU ARE LOSING WEIGHT THANKS TO DSP AND THEIR TEAM!

  41. Broadthink27 says:

    LOOKING TO DROP THEM EXTRA POUNDS? LETS START TODAY!!! visit my channel for more info…….pls subscribe

  42. ChamakChallo92 says:

    what did you do girl?? :O u look amazing 🙂

  43. kittiesgomeh says:

    how did you make your waist so slim ? i mean i have the haunches kinda big and ..?

  44. woosar364 says:

    lol i would have done u either way gratz on making your goal

  45. emzluli says:

    im not fat or anything.. but i have the anoying as fuck belly that just does not want to go! i eat around 1100 calories and i admit i dont do much exercise as i am too busy atm just 10 mins of ab workout.. this flab will not go and its wierd coz my stomach from the side is like flat and then boom.. this annoying lump! AUHGH

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