7 Foods To Never Eat:Bad Foods To Eat

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  1. skitzo429 says:

    Many brands of ordinary grocerystore milk now are made from cows not treated with rBGH, theres no reason to buy organic, just read the labels. The “all organic all the time” fad is really a waste of money thats promoted mostly by people like the one who posted this video who are trying to sell something and make money, most of these issues (some of which are not legitimate, or proven) can be avoided by taking simpler precautions are reading what is actually in things, without going organic.

  2. max gallardo says:

    WOW! I was gonna share your video..until I saw you were trying to sell something

  3. Jay Siono says:

    cool ish to know!!! cheers bro

  4. johnyracercat says:

    Don’t take a hot shower, because the chlorine water vapors get in your lungs. Don’t go out in the Sun, you might get cancer. Don’t breathe poluted air. Avoid driving or riding in a car, they sometimes get into accidents and cause injury. Don’t kiss a girl, she might have a cold sore. Don’t drink soda pop. Don’t do anything.

  5. IHACKER316 says:

    You just scared the %#I7 out of me – I actually grab handfulls of popcorn and scrape it against the bag - awesome video – Im going to change things up

  6. martyg3469 says:

    Ilike your Ideas but can’t aford them but thanks……

  7. martyg3469 says:

    almond milk ……

  8. martyg3469 says:

    what if grass fed beef is not available and generaly to expencive ……..

  9. o00thunderhawk00o says:

    do you think doing daily 20-24 hour fasts has any significant detoxing effect? there is usually about 6 hours of each day when there is absolutely no food in my body… nothing in my digestive system or stomach.

  10. PlatinumPerfections says:

    thanks for this list as i am cutting and this is very informative!

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