80 10 10 diet raw fruits and vegetables are the only foods that don’t cause stress

80-10-10-diet. This is my video sharing that raw fruits and vegetables are the only way to go. Raw fruits and vegetables are the only foods that are alkalizing in the human body as long as it’s on a low-fat diet. All other foods are acidic and cause stress, anxiety, brain fog, concentration problems, irritability, frustration. Fruits and vegetables raw are alkalizing and ward off all of those problems. All other foods besides raw fruits or vegetables lead to hangovers the next day. I had a bowl of porridge, then had a hangover the next day. Stressed out day. Not doing that anymore. Check out my site: www.allthingsdiscussed.com

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  1. achoda khan says:

    Hey,´╗┐ have you considered “Belly Fat TorchMax” (just google it)? On their website you will find a useful free video. This made it possible for Kyle to eliminate his belly fat. It may help you out as well.

  2. hebcandle says:

    Wish I knew about 80/10/10 in 2009…but I do now. ­čÖé No more seasonal allergies for me and it’s been a year since´╗┐ I’ve had any of my severe asthma symptoms ­čśÇ

  3. kirobeanski1 says:

    No mate sorry but you are really just a dumbshit using fancy words to try´╗┐ and sound smart! I know cows have a very different digestive sytem to us…..that is basic knowledge.

  4. tickyul says:

    Cow are´╗┐ a lot different from humans…..their digestive system is designed to handle a diet consisting of almost all plant material. Humans do not have the complex stomach/digestive tract needed to live soley off grass and other plant material and thrive. Cows also ingest bugs and other sources of protein/vitamins that are on whatever plant material they eat. I do not have to count calories/vitamins or proteins, I just eat a natural diet…..once that man made the greatest gains on…omnivorous.

  5. kirobeanski1 says:

    even´╗┐ If we felt no shame or discomfort murdering an inocent animal……raw meat can be dangerous to eat not to mention smelly and disgusting! Being full of paracytes and worms etc so we cook it which actually kills any living enzymes or nutrients leaving the meat useless to us unless we just eat it because it satisfyes our hunger. I dont care what kinda doctor, scientist or professor you are the truth is we cant run fast nor do we have sharp teeth or claws or killer instinct!

  6. kirobeanski1 says:

    Incase your´╗┐ too stubborn the answer is no people actually tend to feel disgusted and sick when an animal is killed infront of us….Why ? Because it is simply not in our nature to kill and eat animals.

  7. kirobeanski1 says:

    Hmm I wonder how cows have so much protein in their meat hmm they must eat steak too because apparently theres not much´╗┐ in plant based food lol it doesnt matter if your a doctor or if you took a class in whatever u want if you would just listen to instinct rather then counting calories or vitamins and proteins you would realise it doesnt take a doctor to know whats best for us for example does your instinct tell you to chase after and kill and eat animals?

  8. tickyul says:

    Nice try….you listen to too much nonsense. Take a basic biology class´╗┐ and maybe you will learn how bones constantly are being broke down and rebuilt.

  9. tickyul says:


  10. tickyul says:

    Sorry, I am not joking. The biological availabilty of nutrients is highest´╗┐ when it comes from animals. Non-Heme Iron that comes from plants…….poorly absorbed, Animal(Heme) is much better. Protein…..the highest biological availability comes from eggs, then meat……..then diary……….and way down at the bottom is plants. Vitamin A from animals……much better utilized when compared to Beta-Carotene. How about EFAs…..DHA, EPA……fish is better than ANY plant source…not even close.

  11. LloydChristmas777 says:

    Thanks for sharing your´╗┐ experience.

  12. Spies152 says:


    Hi! You had digestive issues´╗┐ too?


  13. kirobeanski1 says:

    very true thats why carnivores have much stronger acid in their stomach then we do and a´╗┐ shorter digestive system.

  14. kirobeanski1 says:

    wow i thought i was the only one who knew the power of good food lol my dad raised me on this diet and ive never had to go to any doctor except for when i broke a bone. i believe if we were suposed to eat meat we would want to attack cows and eat their organs raw, and lap up all the blood but that grosses us out and we werent born with ovens in our hands

  15. mrtruthforever says:

    You’re very wise to have realized this at such a young age. Most people´╗┐ go along for most of their life with “brain fog”, chronic fatigue, etc. and pass through a myriad of doctors, toxic prescriptions, etc. before they come to realization you’ve reached.

  16. amirprog says:

    lol, i hope you are joking about
    “best sources”, animal products, especially dairy, are the hardest to break down, and can be some of the worst sources. the only animal products that are ok to consume regularly in low quantities imo are good quality fish and´╗┐ eggs, they can do more good then harm.

  17. cooldeesir says:

    Thank you. Yes, I’m still 100% raw and 80-10-10. My´╗┐ body depends completely on this. I still eat overts like durian and avocadoes but i’m pretty sure I’m still around the 80-10-10 mark.

  18. stringybeanss says:

    hey ur kinda cute. ru still´╗┐ doing 80 10 10 or close to it?

  19. cooldeesir says:

    No, no whiskey, just´╗┐ regular supposedly-healthy porridge. Goes to show you just how healthy it is.

  20. omgitsbrooke1 says:

    you´╗┐ got a hangover from porrige? lol was their whiskey in it?

  21. XedgeXgirlX says:

    how will this diet work with someone with intestinal bacterial/fungal/yeast infections that thrive off of sugar (ex: Klebsiella, citrobacter, candida)? Also, how´╗┐ will this affect someone with digestive issues, gastroparesis, and other health concerns like osteporosis, adrenal/thyroid issues, etc? Thanks

  22. dkkarvin says:

    Protein, especially animal protein, is difficult to break down. It takes strong acid to do this, unlike fruits & vegetables which break down easily. Eating protein means your body has to be more acidic to break down the protein. The body then uses its´╗┐ natural antacid, calcium, to counteract all the acid. That’s why eating more protein increases the risk of osteoporosis. Yes, bone is constantly broken down & rebuilt, but it breaks down much more quickly when eating meat.

  23. shestudios says:

    Yes!! That anxiety thing is REAL when your diet is out of wack. Thank you for saying that.´╗┐

  24. shsu97 says:

    I’ve eating this way for 3 weeks beans veggies fruit, and´╗┐ i feel amazing it’s like my energy is uuup! and i just feel awsome…we don’t need all that meat that people are pushing..

  25. tickyul says:

    Nonsense, bone is meant to constantly break down and be rebuilt…..there is no voodoo´╗┐ magic that takes place when you eat meat that damages bones. Bone regeneration relies on Calcium, Vitamin D and Protein……..best sources…………….animal products.

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