92 Weight Loss Meditation Robert Faster EFT

http://www.fastereft.com Discover how to change your mind without tapping.All problems are based on what you do inside your mind. As you begin to understand …

Lift your butt, work your abs, make your arms cut and sweat till you are dripping wet with this awesome chair workout!
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  6. westpur says:

    I feel asleep the first time I listened to this. It was awesome to fall asleep like that. I have done this several times. Thanks for sharing with us.

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  8. joe moda says:

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  9. joe moda says:

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  10. AVLUCKY says:

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  11. joe moda says:

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  12. AVLUCKY says:

    Thanks 😀 .. guided with Roberts Voice would be awesome .. his voice is sooooo soothing

  13. joe moda says:

    Hi, yes i did but it was so long ago. I think Robert said that it was a friend of his who produces the music.

  14. AVLUCKY says:

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  16. aandrusiak says:

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  18. joe moda says:

    Gday Robert, more meditation processes with that great music would be great. Do you have any on dvd for sale ? Joe

  19. Mayanofi says:

    This was great….melting away all troubles and opening my eyes with big smile on my face…Thank you Robert…

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  26. Asih Rozaqi says:

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  27. Rafael Battaglia says:

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  28. Rubén Río RRSalud says:

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  29. destiny fryar says:

    i’m trying to get fit for prom which is like a month away but I need to buy I dress in the next few weeks. im on a no carb diet but I still don’t have any idea what to eat! working out is not my problem andi would eat healthy if I knew what to eat!

  30. Jasmine Jones says:

    NO LIE. Last year 2 weeks before prom I went to get my prom dress altered and the lady couldn’t even zip my dress up my back. For the next week and a half I did this 3x and the bootylicous grooves 3x everyday and ate less for 1 week and a half. When I went to pick up my prom dress and try it on It was TOO BIG!!!! I had to hurry up and gain like 5-7 pounds in like 5 days. (That wasn’t hard though lol) I have gained lots of weight since prom though. So now I’m back cause I know this works!! 🙂

  31. claudia monsalvez says:

    it’s amazing!! but i die when i have to work with my legs, me cuesta! pero lo intentare hasta lograrlo :D! thank you very much for upload this video 😀

  32. Arekkusu2576 says:

    i love your videos, you make it easy to work out from home thank you! 😀

  33. TheBlesseddiva1 says:

    Thank you for using women in your video that are also a little bigger It gives us plumper women some extra motivation.

  34. TiffanyRotheWorkouts says:

    Hola Luz. estamos trabajndo para tener mas videos en español!!! Muchas Gracias!!!

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  38. SnowWhiteDove7 says:

    im glad i found you on here your videos are really great.im looking forward to trying them all! you are also down to earth too.

  39. Melanie Richard says:

    this is awesome for me! i am a college student and i spend a lot of time sitting at my desk in my dorm doing schoolwork and this is a fun break to get a little more movement in and reenergize!

  40. TiffanyRotheWorkouts says:

    yes but 5x week for at least 1 hour AND, you need to be extra carefull about your menu! If you need help with reaching your goals, join my INNER CIRCLE FitClub!

  41. Angie Emory says:

    Do you think I could lose at least 20 pounds if I do this 5 times a week for a month?

  42. Saturn890 says:

    You know you don’t need to do an hour of these workouts to see results! Studies show that just doing 40 mins a day of these short but intense workouts has just as much as an effect as doing a workout for an hour! So just 30-40 mins of intense total body workouts are good! 🙂

  43. Jennifer Perdomo says:

    Hi tiffany!!! wanted to let you know I commit an hour a day to workout, started really slow but today I did 3 time boxer babe!!!! sooo excited!!! now im focusing in doing the chiseled chair 3 times as well, thank you soo much for doing what you do!!!!

  44. Eliana Flores says:

    I’m so glad I found you! All your vids are awesome!

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