A Crazy Sexy Diet, Cure for Erectile Dysfunction, Healthy Soda, & Magical Enzymes

www.ecovegangal.com weekly roundup with Whitney Lauritsen. Health Tip of the Week: Enzymes by Collective Choice Enzyme Complex & Enzymedica Book of the Week: “Crazy Sexy Diet” by Kris Carr Restaurant of the Week: Patxi’s Pizza (thanks to Jennifer Chen for the recommendation!) Product of the Week: Zevia soda Video of the Week: “Vegan is the New Viagra” Eco Shout-Out of the Week: In.gredients in Austin, TX Article of the Week: Read a Disgruntled Whole Foods Employee’s Epic Resignation Letter Online Discoveries of the Week: vegan dish by jeanette zeis ceramics & Beautiful Blue Oversize Shirt – Limited Edition by Linh La
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16 Responses to A Crazy Sexy Diet, Cure for Erectile Dysfunction, Healthy Soda, & Magical Enzymes

  1. sam92teg says:

    You are so well spoken and natural in front of the camera, you do the vegan community a great service!! I must admit that I am quite smitten by you, but I try to keep my concentration on the wonderful subjects that you cover. I hope that you will always be posting videos so that a little sunshine can be available when I need it. God bless you and may all your dreams come true!

  2. codybear4you says:

    another great book is Vegan for Life by Jack Norris,RD and Virginia Messina, MPH, RD. it is an Everything you need to know to be healthy and fit on a plant – based diet…..that is also my go to book if others would like to check it out.

  3. pmknight12 says:

    The benefits/detriments of wheat: On pbs I was listening 2 Dr, Gary Null (a nutritionist, among other things) & he doen’t speak very highly of wheat. Stating that it takes a long time 2 digest, that the gluten that it ends up becoming in your system offer no nutritional benefits. Also that it inuces a kind of brain fog.

    Where do u stand on wheat as a health choice? I’ve been on the fence about it, 4 so long now. If there’s a counterpoint, I’d love 2 hear it.

    Gr8 channel

  4. EcoVeganGal says:

    @CharismaticLife thanks for the info!

  5. EcoVeganGal says:

    @jentheveganhippie absolutely – thanks for the request!

  6. jentheveganhippie says:

    Hey Whitney, can you please make a vid about how to be more eco around the house. Thanks 🙂 Jenn From Australia

  7. CharismaticLife says:

    Just to throw this out since I’ve worked in grocery stores, at most stores there is a series of tares (we had, if I remember correctly, 9 options) that you use to deduct the type of bag. It’s most commonly used in the difference between a plastic bag and a paper bag so for example a plastic bag would be 1 tare, and a paper 2 tare because of the extra thickness

  8. vivalabeavaaa says:

    @EcoVeganGal Ahh 🙁 I thought you were still living in LA. Well next time you come, you should check it out!! 🙂

  9. EcoVeganGal says:

    @Sandramuoio thanks for the expertise!

  10. EcoVeganGal says:

    @jessiib12 I do it all for you! : )

  11. jessiib12 says:

    I love your weekly roundups!

  12. Sandramuoio says:

    In regards to the reusable bags to buy your fruit: I’m a cashier in a grocery store and what we do is hit tare first. This prevents us weighing the bag as well as the veggies. < So no extra money is charged.

  13. EcoVeganGal says:

    @vivalabeavaaa now you tell me! can you send some up to San Francisco?

  14. EcoVeganGal says:

    @vivalabeavaaa so glad to hear that! : )

  15. vivalabeavaaa says:

    You should check out Deano’s Pizza at The Grove/Farmer’s Market. They have thick pizza with (daiya) cheese and have the option of gluten-free crust! 🙂 It’s soooo good!!!

  16. vivalabeavaaa says:

    I love these weekly roundup vids! 🙂

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