Anti-Ageing and Slimming Porridge Leading anti-ageing and skin care expert Tina Richards shows how to make her anti-ageing and slimming porridge. Packed with super healthy ingredients for energy, weightloss and beautiful youthful skin. TINA’S ADDITIONAL TIP: Add a handful of dried goji berries (high in antioxidants) to the porridge – they go soft when you add them to the porridge in the pan with a little milk. Delicious! To get Tina’s FREE Anti-Ageing Nutrition Report go to

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11 Responses to Anti-Ageing and Slimming Porridge

  1. YumYumFashion says:

    Great porridge….and its good for you! Result!

  2. onsaphi says:

    Damn you’re so beautiful.

  3. Tinarichardsltd says:

    @Tinarichardsltd Hi @tarafh, it is actually better that you use fruit to sweeten your porridge because honey is really a form of sugar and has a high glycaemic index (aleit may have a few health benefits if unprocessed such as manuka honey). If you want to use honey to sweeten use just a wee bit. Why not try xylitol crystals instead (eg Zylosweet) which is a natural form of sugar that has a low glycaemic index and also 40% fewer calories than sugar. All the best. Tina x

  4. Tinarichardsltd says:

    Hi @tararfh, yes you can add honey, it does blend nicely with the porridge. If you can, try to add some blueberries or other fruit to increase your anti-oxidant intake. If you don’t like them in your porridge, just eat them on the side x

  5. tararfh says:

    hi and thank u Tina , just want to ask is it ok if i use 1 teaspoon honey for the taste instead of blueberries or any other fruit?? i love honey but im not sure how it will go with the porridge.

  6. nonchalantd says:

    uh-mee-ga three fats =]

  7. Bambi31311 says:

    Thank you Tina. Enjoyed this informative video clip. I too eat oats every morning, with flaxseeds added to it, but I’ve never soaked the seeds. Plan on purchasing all that you’ve suggested, and will soak the seeds like you have said. Best to you.

  8. Tinarichardsltd says:

    Hi @lillizar, use half a cup of organic ‘Jumbo’ porridge oats and a heaped tablespoon of maca root powder x

  9. Tinarichardsltd says:

    Thank you for your question. Add the mix at the end – once the oats are cooked x

  10. richwyatt3003 says:

    WOW – Delicious porridge that does what it says on the tin. Brilliant!

  11. lillizar says:

    How much of Jumbo porridge Oats & maca root powder?

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