Before and After Weight Loss Pictures! + Calorie Cutting!!!

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24 Responses to Before and After Weight Loss Pictures! + Calorie Cutting!!!

  1. 540gibsonek says:

    I love how they are glowing in the after shots…beautiful!!

  2. Fredrick130 says:

    wow all the people in this looked amazing in their “after” shots 🙂

  3. rajordan777 says:

    This was so inspiring. I hope to have a before and after too.

  4. abejarano100 says:

    wow you look soo pretty!!!!!!!!you inspire me lotz!!!!!omg!!!

  5. tangirl1122 says:

    All these people look great but at 1:54…all i can say is WOW thats a great transformation, that gives me thinspiration by itself.

  6. actmad56 says:

    i went from 242 pounds to 195 pounds at 6 foot 1 and i didnt even excercise why because i starved myself and didnt eat garbage all in 5 months and im close to a 6 pack and i have a 13% body fat percentage

  7. xCristaI says:


  8. Jessicart says:

    2:26-2:29 Looks amazing!!! what a difference

  9. lalipopsy says:

    Amazing!!! Incredible!!!! Outstanding!!! LOVE this vidio!!!!

  10. drtooty5 says:

    Beautiful!! They all look fantastic especially 1:04; 1:21: 1:49; 2:33 looks great,music is great too. 2:50Wow! I will be sending in my photos soon; I am just getting started going raw…more later. I love, love, love your channel’s background page. I just subcribed, glad I found your site. Thanks!

  11. BrittanyIsAStar says:

    it’s incredible how much YOUNGER people look when they lose weight. I sure hope I get the same results 🙂

    great video

  12. HannahDrake says:

    GREAT VIDEO! You do such a good job with these and they are so encouraging and motivating! Thank you so much!

  13. sistahonamission says:

    AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much for putting this video together! Peace and blessings.

  14. JenChristiansmommy says:

    you will eat it or never eat it again? You probably ment never again.. I hope lol

  15. smihud says:


  16. highflyer says:

    Thanks so much for these videos. They’re really inspirational

  17. clueless097 says:

    OMG 2:51!!! it’s hard to believe they’re the same people!

  18. IvanaCoCo says:

    every one please watch movie SUPER SIZE ME… i watched it last night, and i’ll eat fast food again or drink soda… 🙂

  19. nightgangl7 says:

    i know he’s hot!

  20. JenChristiansmommy says:

    WOW 3:52!!!!! WOW! =)

  21. topele40 says:

    I love your vids. I have fallen off the wagon. Gonna get back on. I hope to be able to send you amazing b4 and after pics.

  22. JessicaPersonalChef says:

    Wow, weight does not look good on us humans. Great job to all the hard work! I am currently at my highest weight since childbirth, which is not really that much. Looking forward to getting back on track after a few more bon bons 🙂

  23. 120togo says:

    HOLY FRIGGIN CRAP!! The first picture blew me away!!! :O The girl looked like a completely different person! And also the guy in the middle..holy crap!! 😮

  24. blurawker says:

    it’s really hard to calorie cut because it can be like the simplest things that can make you go over your calorie intake. but anyway i love your videos

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