Before and After Weight Loss Pictures! For the Men

Free Test ► ◄ Sugar is your enemy when it comes to weight loss Find the real answers to that stubborn weight. ► http ◄ 100% Confidential. This is a short video for the guys! Its a slideshow of before and after pictures of all shapes, sizes, and ages!…

Start Weight: 195 lbs Current Weight: 125 lbs Height : 5’7 t’s been so long since I last updated you all on my weight loss journey! I miss the WLC so much!! Sorry I havent been around but school and work have me tied up most of the time. I will try to update more =) xoxo
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48 Responses to Before and After Weight Loss Pictures! For the Men

  1. ItzAmazingBrian says:

    0:50 dang. Look at how much better this guy looks. Crazy impressive. No homo.

  2. andreamig1983 says:

    2:29 I didn’t know Lance Armstrong was so fat!

  3. Caturdayz says:


    I wasn’t insinuating that the only reason to get in shape is to get women. But I know that at times people can be consumed by a general sense of apathy. Whatever convinces one that working out, eating right, and doing your best at everything you attempt is something that some people need to snap themselves out of a haze. The biological urge to reproduce is one of our basest instincts and on a primal level, most of the things we do are done to make us suitable mates, both sexes.

  4. CPenha says:

    @Caturdayz It does take hard work and commitment, but hey, the rewards are great in the end. A great body means having lots of confidence. Some guys who are fat have confidence, kudos for them, but some guys need the extra boost. I guess to get women in general, one can workout, feel better about themselves. But women are sometimes a byproduct.

  5. Caturdayz says:


    I know this an old ass comment, but this is pretty much what it boils down to. I spent a good chunk of my life being lame, I had to just decide to become awesome and then after that all it takes is a lot of hard work. Most people just need something that is worth working for, most often a girl.

  6. MsLegaC says:

    loved loved loved. if u get a chance loomk me up 🙂

  7. Welcome2ThisCrzyTime says:

    @anniewerr22 That’s wonderful and I agree! The diet methods in is way better than any other surgery.

  8. MrChantelleA says:

    @MrSimonHutson I know, right!

  9. MrSimonHutson says:

    @VetraPro really? if you find it email me the URL if you could please 

  10. VetraPro says:

    @MrSimonHutson i saw a website with him on it and im trying to look for it.. he had a bunch of pictures of himself before and after around 6 or 7 pics

  11. MrSimonHutson says:

    0:52 – 0:54 wow what a transformation!

  12. adanhassan1234 says:

    @paulwilsonmusician 11 and a half stone !?!? u lost more weight then my WHOLE weight

    well done 🙂

  13. berser50 says:

    man! THANKS TO THE FIRST PIC! I was motivated! I have large chest fat and doubt to do chest exercise fearing they’ed get bigger but thanks to this! I’ll just do aerobics and strenght training now.

  14. PrevalentDisease says:

    I went from 240 to 180 pounds then I went back up to 190 but now Im trying to drop down to 160 I just need to get motivated again.

  15. iamzero79 says:

    I believe in willpower. Thats all you’ll ever need.

    Think about this, the healthier you are, the more chances of you getting laid FOR FREE! Just wear a condom and dont marry them all.

  16. TheREALbpk says:


  17. playboymaxim says:

    Please upload more vids featuring men. A lot of us are weight and health conscious and would benefit from the inspiration. Thanks

  18. ImaBAMF2029 says:

    i wonder what asshole disliked this

  19. ImaBAMF2029 says:

    the guy at 50 seconds has an Amazing after photo

  20. GlenbrookGrill says:

    I like fat people better. Skinny people are hungry and cranky!

  21. frankkubb says:

    @1:45..what a difference,the after people look AMAZING, Thank You for this VERY inspiring video..Ive been trying to drop 75lbs myself w/ so much temptation and stress at the moment makes it difficult as hell…but NOT impossible..GREAT work guys (& gals)

  22. Hess1866 says:

    Im 15 years of age start weight 185 month later abs, pecks,muscle and weight 148. 🙂

  23. theblacklincoln says:

    Everyone did an amazing job. Most people do not know what kind of hard hard hard work it takes to do what they have done! They should all be so very proud of themselves, I know I am!

  24. digimedia1742 says:

    @HOWloose37LBSin37DAY thank u so much for posting your plan-looks great I can’t wait to try it – I need to loose 25lbs

  25. SeastarJack says:

    @HOWloose37LBSin37DAY This is just some cheap company trying to push a weak weight loss product. 

  26. tshirttime84 says:

    @HOWloose37LBSin37DAY no offence but 37 pounds in one month is not good. Its too much in a small period of time, try to lose weight slowly so it wont come back afterwards. Anyway still well done on losing weight.

  27. qewalo says:

    how could someone lost that much weight and dont have stretch marks or something

  28. neongreenninjacat5 says:

    I don’t know you but I’m proud.. !

  29. halalima5 says:

    omg amazing difference you’re gorgeous

  30. LilMissPixiie says:

    How did you do it?

  31. ELLEkierce says:

    @corongonguito she’s taking a picture of her reflection in the second photo…..

  32. zooyeh7 says:

    @corongonguito it’s a mirror 😛

  33. Saybrow says:

    What would you do? Thank you beautiful kisses!

  34. corongonguito says:

    why the hell the tattoo change side?

  35. okromtons says:

    @gabindoltas I can agree with that. I read the guide from FatLossCustomized. com and it’s pretty good for sure.
    I’ve been using the program for about 4 weeks now so it’s ironic that I see you suggesting it on here haha

  36. HOWloose37LBSin37DAY says:

    GREAT TIP, thanks! ❤❤❤I recently lost 37 pounds in one month – if anybody interested ..I posted how…it’s here

  37. Minky2488 says:

    I bet the ones telling you to gain weight are the ones who need to lose weight themselves. You look great and you chose the body type that you want. Not everyone losing weight want to be muscular they just want a lean look. People who aren’t physical active wouldn’t know that. Good Job! 🙂

  38. Robaby1985 says:

    @squishyCow ps-My stepdaughter weighs about 50lbs lol

  39. Robaby1985 says:

    @SquishyCow (cont.) A Dr. probably wouldn’t say anything to you unless it was really dramatic, but 110-115 is quite slim for that height. When I was in Highschool I was 130lbs at 5’5, and I looked very skinny. Some of the clothes I wore as far as shirts, my 7 yr old stepdaughter fits in now lol.

  40. Robaby1985 says:

    @SquishyCow Yup positive because I was 5’5 and 130 lbs when I was looking at this chart in a healthy range. Now I have gained a lot because of my pregnancy so yes, I actually look at this chart quite often. I don’t know if its available in your Dr’s office but it was on the wall in mine, it has BMI and everything on it.

  41. BunniesIdeal says:

    How old are you ?

  42. SunnyDreamer1 says:


  43. KarinOll says:

    a bit too skinny maybe?

  44. shibgap says:

    I think her boyfriend introduced her to YABA!!

  45. BrettWYoung says:

    Heavy squats to thicken those thighs and ass

  46. BaninjaCakes says:

    How did you do it! you look so great and confident i wish i could be like that… <3

  47. SquishyCow says:

    @Robaby1985 Are you sure? Because I am 5’5″ and typically weight 110 to 115 and I’ve never been told by a doctor that I am underweight. I suppose it just depends on the individual and how much muscle they might have, and a doctor’s opinion on the matter, of course. 🙂 If I had more muscle I am sure I’d gain.

  48. caefle says:

    wat did you do??

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