Before and After Weight Loss Surgery: Melanie’s Story (VSG Gastric Sleeve)

Weight Loss Forever Video. Before and After Weight Loss Surgery. Melanie’s Story: How I went from 225lbs to 123lbs thanks to my sleeve!

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49 Responses to Before and After Weight Loss Surgery: Melanie’s Story (VSG Gastric Sleeve)

  1. sapphire9596 says:

    Hope all has gone well with your sleeve. I get mine in 19 days and can’t wait.

  2. sapphire9596 says:

    I will also be getting my sleeve in Feb. Feb 20th Good luck. I can’t wait to have a life again.

  3. nolakiss says:

    get it girly! you are an inspiration my doctor told me about the sleeve…i am thinking about it though i never had any major surgery before

  4. michoratio says:

    wow girlfriend you did it

  5. crisVSG71811 says:

    I came across your video again today. The first time it was a few weeks before my surgery in July 2011. I’m six weeks out and have lost over 70 lbs since! Im so happy with my decision and you were a factor in making that decision. You look so beautiful and happy. Congratulations and God bless you and your family.

  6. ivorygoldocean says:

    Thankyou for posting this video.It gives me more hope!

  7. mcfarlingirl says:

    3:06 wow you look amazing! you looked great before too but you can tell you’re happier now! great job!!

  8. LoveDaJuice says:

    Did you have any lose skin?

  9. TNWright80 says:

    I just had my surgery done 2 weeks ago. I’m excited about the outcome. I hope it is as susscesfull as yours!!

  10. mistydk says:

    I relate to you! I won’t take a family portrait even with my husband begging because I hate my weight! I am getting the sleeve in february and I will answer my husbands wish of taking a picture!

  11. MissCountryChloe says:

    I’m getting the sleeve in 11 days, I’m 15 years old, and weigh 270.. (5’5) . I start the liquid diet in about 3 days…. can’t wait! Is there anybody here who has done it and could be a messaging buddy?

  12. ChristineNYC says:

    I’m considering doing the sleeve – I’m 240# and 45bmi. your story inspires me. it’s good to see that 3 years out, you’re doing so wonderfully – and you look so happy! Congratulations for your success – and thank you for sharing your inspiring story with me!

  13. dying2livegirl says:

    Congrats!!! You are gorgeous!! Are you modeling??? What an amazing transformation!!!Very inspiring!!! I was sleeved on November 30th. I hope to follow your success!!!

  14. edwingoh88 says:

    that is amazing!!!!! Congrats!!!!! I had been sleeved on 10 August 2011, and had lost tremendous amount of weight: 28Kg since surgery, 45 kgs since i started on my weight loss journey 2 years ago! Keep it up and maintain the weight!

  15. bnr1970 says:

    Congrats to you you look amazing.I am nearly 14 months post op from the vsg and I am down 168 lbs now.

  16. ocasio3024 says:

    Beautiful family you have there. BTW, you are a knockout…. Congrats on your Sleeve and transformation. You are in incredible story….Very inspirational…. I cant believe its the same person from the begining to end of this video. My sleeve is scheduled for Jan2012. i am scared to death…LOL.. I hope to be back to my weight when I was a SEAL in 1988 in the Navy. I was 189lbs then. i am now 320lbs. LOL….So inspiring….. Thank you for posting. Your husband is very lucky….LOL…God bless

  17. qutieonduty1 says:

    So inspiring! Congrats on your weight loss success!

  18. MsLegaC says:

    inspiring! if u get a chance will u check out my vids

  19. avillias says:

    I have to say first off you look beautiful. I sat here and cried through this video cause I am going through the same thing, I am hoping to get the sleeve in a few months if insurance goes through, but I just wanted to let you know you have inspired me and I’m looking forward to taking my first family picture when I loose weight as well. Thanks & keep up the good work 😉

  20. skeletorsminion says:

    I am booked for the surgery in about 2 weeks. i am looking forward to it and your video just made me even more excited. i was wondering if you had any problems with loose skin afterwards and if cosmetic surgery was needed to get rid of it.
    Great video and so happy it worked out for you. you look fantastic.

  21. 123maggiedaniels says:

    I just booked my initial seminar and paid $100.00 for the session with the doctor…talked it over with my husband and I’m ready. Maybe I’ll start a video diary as well…hm…

  22. princessmelissa14 says:

    you look absolutely beautiful. you’re amazing

  23. Auroraruby says:

    Inspiring video! I will be having my surgery this December. I finally feel like I will be able to make it 🙂

  24. 1addiiii says:


  25. GuitarBoyRockingOut says:

    @sweetgirlygirl93 thank you! 😀

  26. sweetgirlygirl93 says:

    @GuitarBoyRockingOut OMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGG congratz keep it up 🙂 😀

  27. Jeskers18 says:

    @wolfseek LMAO!!!!!

  28. DivaBelle1 says:

    Come check out my 4 simple east tips, to start a healthy life style to getting fit, and how to get the most BEAUTIFUL glowy SKIN that you always wanted 🙂 Hope to see you there xo

  29. MyLifeIsUnperfect says:

    It’s not hard to lose weight.. look at the vids on my channel… I lost 13 pounds in 3weeks.. You just have to know what you are doing.. You will have to just stick in there and be dedicated.. no excuses!!!’

  30. MsMicroworkers says:

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  31. kazol76 says:

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  32. HafizShuhada says:

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  33. dramione1996 says:

    2:06 – wowww, that’s cool!

  34. lidamedicine says:

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  35. GuitarBoyRockingOut says:

    awesome anyone can do this. I was 213lbs and now i am 140lbs standing at 5’6

  36. haileymae11 says:

    Best weight loss tranformation video I’ve EVER seen… gives me chills. And I have the urge to go workout now. 😛 Well done.

  37. Smootii says:

    This is SO amazing..!! I want to cry cuz, i know how fucking hard it is and i want that slim body SO fucking bad !! Thanks for posting this <3 It's inspiring...

  38. accioanime says:

    I notice that with the weightloss, these people also gained confidence and fashion sense!

  39. MelanySegarra12 says:

    @WeAreAll0ne1 Low Self esteem, Whatz up with you. They got their lives back. They got back who their really are. You are just jealous. Do something for your self and stand in front of a mirror and ask your self who really is a shallow person.

  40. emim05 says:

    wow this was a great video. thanks for posting. it’s i my favorites now so i can look at it whenever i need inspiration 🙂

  41. inluvwithmoi says:

    If you want to lose weight don’t forget to get informed. Do it in 5 steps. step1: believe in your goal. step 2: get informed about your healthy weight, percentage of fat in your body, how much weight you are supposed to lose cause being underweight is also a problem. step 3: make a plan and stick to it step 4: get all the motivation you can from everyone, so tell them about your goal and finally ask for help, you will find it . if you need help in finding a plan or information, inbox me.

  42. inluvwithmoi says:

    @WeAreAll0ne1 achieving a goal is inspiring especially when it comes to being healthy. being over weight or under weight is a problem and when people find solution to it is inspiring. There is nothing wrong to take care of your health and your appearance. btw thumbs up for your first part of the comment 😉 cheers XD

  43. travieza7 says:


  44. 0024liliana says:

    Ez nagyon-nagyon szép!!! :))) …..(from Hungary)

  45. FreeOnlineWorkouts says:

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    1) Cut out carbs in the evenings (eat “low glycemic” carb sources in the day).

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    4) Perform high intensity interval training.

  46. xxDMSL13xx says:

    I love your comment and that is true

  47. xxDMSL13xx says:

    The lucky girl

  48. TheLuckyGirl97 says:

    @WeAreAll0ne1 These are people who want to save their lives when you get to much overweight it puts your life in danger so thing of that before you assume they have low self esteem

  49. WeAreAll0ne1 says:

    how is this inspiring???
    ghandi is inspiring these are just shallow people with low self esteem..

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