Before and after weight loss thinspo

Before and after
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  1. 04rossa says:

    2:23 anyone notice that hahahahahahaha or was it just me … on the left look down

  2. ObscurusRaptus says:

    0:29 is waaay too creepy! Was better before…

  3. GFHmwClan says:

    @molotov1nz i notice my mistake there !! rolf ..
    not really a harm!!

  4. molotov1nz says:

    @GFHmwClan It’s called metabolism.

  5. nossassinhora says:

    Algumas ficaram esqueléticas O.O

  6. GFHmwClan says:

    its very inportent of what you eat and when you eat it, its called EBOLISM
    the way that your body digiëst your food.
    try eat Breakfast, than 3 hour later a healthy snack and 3 hour later agian, then eat just dinner .
    hope you can understand this ! my english is not that good
    Good luck

  7. ISeeADistantLight says:

    The girl at 0:29 (the asian one) says she is 38.4 kg!!!! That is seriously underweight!!! Even her starting weight is at the lower end of healthy!!!!! Some of these girls are WAY to thin!!!!!

  8. KristyIsKrazy says:

    @hawaiiayun morgaley(morgaly..sp?) on xanga

  9. ladyxluckxrulesxok says:

    I’m kinda like the girl at 3:17 my belly is the biggest part, how does one get to how she was in the ‘after’ part. I know limiting what you eat, but are there any particular exercises?

  10. cutepandagirl8521 says:

    What’s thinspo?

  11. MsAntiantichrist says:

    Im all for loosing weight but some of these girls are scary tiny….Or is it just me?

  12. trickykirk18 says:

    all these girls look so much better after losing the weight :)

  13. xspaghettime says:

    1:16 – haha her face xDDDDD one side is nearly grey the other side has a nice sin color hahaha

  14. clairenunavut says:

    damn i would like to lose weight but in a healthy way.

  15. clairenunavut says:

    well some look sick but some are quite ok. 

  16. useurimagination06 says:

    all these people r way too sick looking. how is this thinspo!?!

  17. trocki80 says:

    1:44 second pic. her mom feeds her with a shovel ?

  18. SachaChan says:

    3:15 -> This is a FAKE!
    Look at the beautiful pixels on the surface of her belly!

  19. ShinyLunaToneLover says:

    @naturaluv85 Yeah I swear I saw one with ribs out some =w= o: ah ladys you dont wanna be a human zylaphone =w=

  20. unicornsensation says:

    @monica18547 its a buddy for people who are really serious about major weight loss. no pill will help you lose weight, they just give you energy temporarily. basically placibos. and placibos suck.

  21. rachelcarson463 says:

    hey!!! i am 17 and need a weight loss buddy! anyone need one?

  22. kari00ws6 says:

    Some of those are fake.

  23. tbuglovesyou says:

    lmao 1:18 fail !

  24. 0410blossom says:

    @hawaiiayun her name is alexis.. her tumblr is prettycitylife .tumblr .com

  25. unicornsensation says:

    @InolaBlackfoxChannel eat better, and less. go for a walk everyday. drink milk of magnesium twice a week.

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