Before and After Weight Loss Transformations

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Weight loss transformation update before and after photos 5 years on. Viewers asked me for live footage of my gluteal fat levels and a front on shot to prove…
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39 Responses to Before and After Weight Loss Transformations

  1. nshouston31 says:

    Sounds like Rihanna

  2. kcrobinson03 says:

    when you steal pics from weightloss surgery support group websites, you should actually ask the ppl in the pics permission to use them…dont you think???

  3. fallen757 says:

    nice accomplishment 

  4. scottieln0923 says:

    I’m 5 foot 10in

  5. scottieln0923 says:

    Its time for me to shine im going to drop 100lbs by june wish me luck im at 288 at this time.

  6. cpeezy27 says:

    im all for losing weight but some of these people obviously had surgery to lose their weight and i consider that cheating

  7. sweat2lve says:


  8. MsSimoneGotit says:

    3:15..I don’t think that is her..she has a you tube channel..this is clearly 2 different people. 

  9. eclecticcreator says:

    it’s Shontelle – Impossible

  10. KandiGirl1988 says:

    i love this song!!! who sings it? && whats it called? impossible?

  11. jillian5411 says:

    all of these people are absolutely amazing. and gorgeous on the inside and outside.

  12. GregThatDudeTv says:

    wow they all look great

  13. lachicafun says:

    Shontelle “Impossible”

  14. WWloser84 says:

    I LOVE THIS SONG!! Who sings it? What’s it called?

  15. 67blackgirl says:

    Such inspiration 

  16. gotrdid09 says:

    simply amazing

  17. herkiss269 says:

    These people look FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially the young lady @ 2:26- 2:36. WoW!! Thanks for the renewed inspiration Miss dancem89!! ~Be Blessed!~

  18. TressedOut says:

    Great job everyone!

  19. Dime Kartinov says:

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  20. Shelley Olds says:

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  21. indi nana says:

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  22. Nay Moe Hnin says:

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  23. Chin KONG FOO says:

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  24. Nadeera Bandara says:

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  25. isjd1122 says:

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  26. John Kennedy says:

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  27. andrealucerfi says:

    Is it me or the audio is weird

  28. earnmoneyfastfromhom says:

    I have a question, have you thought about this program called the Max Muscle Method? (google it). My mother in law says it gets people ripped.

  29. Jessicalien10 says:

    can an overweight person do this even if they have insulin resistance/pcos?

  30. Sean Noriega says:

    Another problem:
    You are so worried about being healthy, yet you’re okay with having 2% bodyfat??

  31. dreamer2099 says:

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  32. SHAH333N says:

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  33. Md kabir hossen Kabir says:

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  34. sadadu55 says:

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  35. WhatTheFlyinFudge says:

    This guy likes to swear. He also likes to smash it in. A lot.

  36. Shirrell23 says:

    Lmao….Chase/Run down your kids!! Sorry Move your Ass!! Eat right & move!! You wanna get rid of the giggles RIGHT?? This guy is funny…lol….but hey its the truth! Ill holla, Im going to meet him in TONE-VILLE:-)

  37. JAMCTV says:

    @ 2:33 chew your mouth wtf lol

  38. alyschiamc says:

    hahaha wow. ‘Run the fu*@er’s down!!” lol

  39. Daliah2603 says:

    what do you think about lentils harls? because i still am eating cooked rice potatoes and quinoa…and i like lentils too…everything low fat and 70% fruit =)

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