Before and after weight loss videos. 150 pounds in 365 days.

150 lbs in 1 year! Before and after video clips of my weight loss progress.
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  1. davielove11 says:


  2. DitDitDah says:

    What state is that park in? It’s really pretty.

  3. catoboy66 says:

    i’m totally inspired Ed as I am def considering Weight Loss Surgery and the parallels between us both are really uncanny. Roughly same Weight pre Surgery, same age, build etc. I will continue to check in to watch your progress. Thankyou, I feel as though I made a friend. I think I might do aideo as well so that it may inspire others. Can;t wait to get on that Operating Table

  4. mediumfade says:

    You always had a nice butt!

  5. politicalmyincorrect says:


  6. cfoster3406 says:

    You look great. I hate you went the surgery way. But since you know that you are addicted to Carbs maybe you should have tried the Atkins Diet. It works wonders for me. But that was your choice and I wish you the best….

  7. Banded2BFern says:

    Amazing Video!!!!! I absolutely loved it!!!!!!
    This is my favorite video by far!!!!!!!
    Most of all I love the fact that you are a couple with my soul sista Melanie!!!!
    The best to you and Melanie
    Xoxo Fern

  8. weightlosssolutiontv says:

    Love the way you compare your transformation in this video…amazing success story!

  9. robinbirdslife says:

    You look amazing and what a dramatic difference a year has made! -Robin

  10. grodot333 says:

    Congrats on your surgeversary! Great video! Good for you….keep going!

  11. calendarpage says:

    You go, guy! Fantastic work on your part.

  12. NotSoPlump says:

    An inspirational video from an inspirational man!! Great job and happy 1 year surgiversary Ed! Your transformation is incredible. I was a little heavier than you when I started so i know what you have been through. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, support and journey. You help so many people, me included and I can’t thank you enough. Wishing you continued success and health on your continuing journey! Take care ~ Eric

  13. kacykwinn says:

    Holy. Crap. Ed. What a craaaazy difference! You look amazing. You have to be incredibly proud of yourself. *High5!*

  14. VSGmia says:

    Awesome video:)

  15. mark91345 says:

    Wonderful video. You really put a lot of effort into this, as to see your before-and-after, while walking in that forest, was incredible (where IS that forest, anyway?).

    I have no health insurance, so surgery is unavailable, but I think I am liking the idea of eating the same way you do (or at least how I think you do), with the tiny portions, etc.

    Anyway, great job.

  16. kci411 says:

    very cool video

  17. reinventingEd says:

    @f4givness Thanks for your comment!

  18. reinventingEd says:

    @akchrist Thanks Kim, Keep a level head on your weight loss, realize it didn’t get there in one month or one year. It may take sometime to come off. It’s not a race. Watch the vids in my Favorites section on my channel page. there is a lot of good information there that has help me lose weight and understand the science of weightloss.

  19. reinventingEd says:

    @nurseynurse29 Thanks Lisa, We made it through the hurricane better then most. Power was out for 24 hours and water was gone a few days. There are still people in up state New York who have no power and if they have a well that means no water too.

  20. reinventingEd says:

    @jenleigh526 Thanks Jen, It’s been a life changing year of me. I feel great!

  21. reinventingEd says:

    @happycath72 Thanks Cath, I really have no butt anymore. Now is the belly would follow. 🙂

  22. reinventingEd says:

    @ReinventingDave Thanks Dave. You’ve done so well too.

  23. reinventingEd says:

    @Barb62056 Thanks Barb, I use a Canon M31. You don’t need one that nice, I record in High Def but don’t upload that size to Youtube. It takes too long and is not worth it. Yes, I held the cam out on my tripod. I edit out most of the video I take. I have a Mac and use iMovie to edit. The software comes free with a mac.

  24. reinventingEd says:

    @VSGandMe2011 Thank you Dana, It’s been a life changing year for me. I have enjoyed sharing my journey on YT. I hope to update often.

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