Benefits of Greek Yogurt : Sarah Fit Show

Visit my blog! A viewer asked what’s the difference between Greek yogurt and regular yogurt. Here are the benefits! Thanks Barbieeee13 fo…
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diet plan.
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26 Responses to Benefits of Greek Yogurt : Sarah Fit Show

  1. ThanosThess91 says:

    chobani yogurt isnt greek yogurt! it might says greek yogurt but this combany ”stole” the name greek yogurt! fage is the original greek yogurt! one more information! fage sued chobanis combany for using ”greek yoghurt” and vindicated in british courts couse chobanis yoghurt isnt greek yoghurt!

  2. Emma Chivers says:

    honey tastes the best on greek yogurt omg :’)

  3. mar7dong says:

    Mine I put pineapple & bananas.. It taste Tropically good.

  4. bighardballs says:

    I add multi grains to mine so its tolerable only way i can power down that stuff but its worth it cause of the 48% protein.

  5. drrai2013 says:

    It would be a shame if you did not shed pounds when these people accomplish it easily with “Fat Blast Formula” (Google it).

  6. nunya nunya says:

    Sarah is beautiful. I wonder if she is from the South….

  7. chickenonastick12 says:

    Cute :)

  8. Audrey Adams says:

    I love your hairr!

  9. MultiLivingtestimony says:

    Cant hear you…

  10. pal180 says:

    Thanks for the video….you may want to get a better mic.

  11. Mark john says:

    Very cool video! I did some googling and foun this great website for greek yogurt


    add splenda sweetner and mix chopped strawberries

  13. RiiANNAx3 says:

    I love greek yogurt wif honey!

  14. SarahsFabChannel says:

    Typically it’s not sweetened with just honey – sugar too! But it’s better than nothing 😉

  15. kkll02 says:

    i eat it plain. Ever since i’ve started on the prima diet, my taste bud has been quite different. I use to hate natural plain yogurt like St Paul and Farmers Union greek yoghurt as it is sour and disgusting, now i don’t take sugar anymore and i can even taste the slight sugary taste in St Paul whereas Farmers Union greek yoghurt are at first quite sour to me but after the sourness settle, i taste the creaminess….now i am just so crazy over it, move away St Paul.

  16. andropgor says:

    Girls, if you want to look beautiful – use the program from the site Retrieved on personal experience!

  17. psikozumveben says:

    first yogurt comes from central asia. nomade turkish tripes made it using fresh milk and ferment it with ant eggs. so its definetly not bulgarian and there is nothing to be proud of( yes,its amazing). Read some anthropology please

  18. wiiliam bustamante says:

    the sounds made your video better.:)

  19. chicaveneca09 says:

    Fage greek yogurt is the one you should try not Chobani its disgusting. Trust me you’ll love fage greek yogurt

  20. shag813 says:

    Take off your shirt

  21. terminatord4 says:

    screw plain…..thumbs up for strawberry banana!!!!

  22. bicepsca says:

    how much yougurt is too much for one day??

  23. superdakota67 says:

    I really love FAge but I am trying to find a new brand that I can use in recipes and smoothies and will be high in protein but not oo high in fat, also can be used as a facial mask? thanks!

  24. gre3kboy77 says:

    try eating it with some honey that’s how Greek people usually eat it. Greek yogurt is not the sweetest thing.

  25. marioorange says:

    here in greece we make yogourt from the goatsssssssss
    delicious …………………
    one thing you must do in your gastronomic life is to taste greek yogourt … it is like ice cream

  26. xXHairRazorXx says:

    :) I like

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