Best Diet | Cabbage Diet | Dr. Tim Ramirez

The best way to lose weight in a safe and fast manner with Dr. Tim Ramirez. The cabbage diet is a simple effective way to lose weight and feel great
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  1. Ellexis88 says:

    But the cabbage soup diet specifically says little no to pretty much no vegetable oils/ fruit oils… even olive oil….or BBQ sauce. Your not suppose to have any sugars, added sugar or artificial sweeteners…. does this still make this an ok alternative? Because I want to try those also..looks yummy but not really wanting to fail because of bad advice

  2. LeinadNesterbegne says:

    poor dog, huskies’s fur is not made for such warm climates….

  3. bokie51 says:

    @david1611kjv But you know what they say, “more room on the outside” : ^ )

  4. nocturnal1zs says:

    omg! has anyone heard of the Acuspeed 24 Diet (do a google search)? I keep hearing some incredible chatter about it and my cooworker burned a lot of pounds trying it.

  5. visionary613 says:

    Dude really…. Who cuts directly on their marble counter top. WTF

  6. chickengeorge1236 says:

    my dog loves cabbage with soy sauce, good vid man!

  7. maricela217 says:

    I don’t care if the diet works or not but he is SEXY!!!

  8. jadedbaby13 says:

    I dont like the taste are you able to use other soups instead like chicken noodle?

  9. XshaunixX says:

    Thanks Dr. I’ll try this starting Tuesday. I also workout regularly except I took a break this winter and gained about 5lbs. :'( I’m trying to lose at least 30lbs. Is it possible?

  10. artsylovelylady says:

    Beef cakes think pills are delicious. I’ll believe it’s delicious when a fat person eats something and says, “Yeah, this really IS delicious.”

  11. BvcxzMnbv says:

    Online Asian wives ****

  12. david1611kjv says:

    this man must fart alot

  13. enchovia says:

    manly cooking : )

  14. Sexyav22 says:

    doesnt this diet give you diarrhea ??

  15. favoritesmoothies says:

    forget the grill, raw food diet is the best! 🙂

  16. poollm84 says:


  17. thecj29 says:

    He looks like a thin Jay Cutler

  18. thedietgeek says:

    Has anyone tried it? I can’t say it looks that good to me… and I don’t understand what’s so magical about cabbage??


    I never expected his voice to be so deep .
    lmao, great video btw.

  20. Weazell256 says:

    Did you not notice that you have a wooden cutting board right next to you?

  21. bloodtypebloodtype says:

    how come such man lives alone?

  22. popsticky09 says:

    salt=sodium, you’d want to avoid that.

  23. trafficultimatum1 says:

    this look good —

  24. kate88ify says:

    Great Video!
    I know you said everyone would like it however I’m not a big fan of barbecue! call me crazy! but I wanted to know if you can maybe substitute something that tastes like A1 sauce (it’s organic) me and my dad like to eat healthy but he doesn’t like cabbage soup. SO I really wanna try this!

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