Best Flat Belly Foods | Healthy Food Secrets

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25 Responses to Best Flat Belly Foods | Healthy Food Secrets

  1. taylor441842 says:

    Who else misses the old Howcast ?

  2. cplova333 says:

    FUCK! im on like the 10th page of videos and the vid came out two days ago

  3. rascalm123 says:

    lol no

  4. Yueelie says:

    LOL “Difference for everyone”

  5. missbake1 says:

    @TheReviewShack Lol so hard!

  6. missbake1 says:

    @naydiva11 Hilarious!

  7. missbake1 says:

    @ZanDuke241 Yeeessssss! Lmao

  8. missbake1 says:

    @Facebookr3 Lmao

  9. ZanDuke241 says:

    Oh so your first to comment? Please do comment first because we all give a fuck!

  10. naydiva11 says:

    3000th viewer!

  11. chantenupa says:

    She is really hot and her facial expressions kind of turn me on.

  12. EvilDemonFeathers says:

    A note to women: It’s natural to have a little bit fat in the belly just incase you get pregnant.

  13. shouayang says:

    who cares if whose here first. stop being stupid ridiculous people. calling other people bitches because u’re the same viewer number. smh

  14. VANTALLICA1 says:

    Morgan Spurlock’s Wife!!!

  15. DandaCuteCheeks says:

    Isn’t it the girlfriend of the guy in the SUPER SIZE ME documentary??

  16. TheReviewShack says:

    Bitches please…im 1000th viewer

  17. MaulwurfnDE says:

    1000 viewer :)

  18. TheRandomeez says:

    fuck u i’m the 999th viewer not u!

  19. xXxangie150xXx says:

    nope i am the 1000th viewer

  20. TheArielJulia says:

    999th viewer

  21. chdz64 says:

    999th viewer

  22. mopryIScool says:

    I am the 1000th viewer? Awh yeah

  23. OZBAL42 says:

    u no show belly?

  24. thewrestlingnerd54 says:

    it doesn’t matter if anyone is first this is not a race its for commenting

  25. thewrestlingnerd54 says:

    it doesn’t matter if anyone is first this is not a race its for commenting

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