Best Hot Ripped Abs Workout

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25 Responses to Best Hot Ripped Abs Workout

  1. ZachariasKule says:

    From where is´╗┐ this chick. She sounds like Czech ­čÖé

  2. Freakly6 says:

    Heyy suzanne!!!
    thanks to you I am as fit´╗┐ as ever, i can not believe!!! =D you have helped me a lot girl.
    can you do moreee workouts for the butt?? One “BIG PLEASE” from Portugal xD (to lift but)
    kisses and continuation of great job as always (by the way, sorry for my terrible english, this is the best i know)

  3. judasromero says:

    I like that you´╗┐ are doing alternatives for those who are starting out with these exercises.

  4. vboiz7 says:

    You is very very sexy with´╗┐ nice face.

  5. cookielover1213 says:

    ur so´╗┐ pretty

  6. JewelsyCakes says:

    I love how you go through this one step by´╗┐ step

  7. lisagaspic says:

    Does anyone know what the intervals are? How many rounds and how many seconds of work and rest? Her site is still not working it redirects me everytime i go to it or´╗┐ it just stays on the latest workout being the OMG one.

  8. BuzzieBee77 says:

    Thats one fit looking´╗┐ woman!

  9. jwjoye126 says:

    Hi Zuzana,
    I can’t see any updates on Bodyrock past the OMG Sexy Body Workout :(´╗┐

  10. charliejames1975 says:

    @monkeyjunk7 refresh your browser´╗┐ and clear your cache

  11. FayeValentine666 says:

    Who disliked this?? ´╗┐ Fatties thats who.

  12. latina084life says:

    i love your videos. i got a question. so i used to be 240 pounds. i’m 150 pounds now but i have just a little extra skin (not too much—people can’t tell how big i used to be) and i can’t get a six pack because of it. i´╗┐ feel the six pack under the skin and when i let people touch my abs they are surprised of how hard they are. i just can’t see them. what can i do to make them appear? ­čÖü HELP!

  13. SamarkandChan says:

    @LAPPAGURL09 Geez, don’t you know anything about exercise? It’s important to breath properly while exercise to build muscles. ´╗┐

  14. LatexBeast says:

    ridiculous abs. my innner right´╗┐ leg cramps when i do abs any idea why????

  15. atomichead777 says:

    best. body. ever.´╗┐

  16. frantels says:

    Est├í muy´╗┐ maciza!

  17. atheistkyo says:

    I’ve been working out for 2 month now (weight training, cardio)
    cutting all´╗┐ unnecessary sugars and junk food from my diet and eating veggies, eggs and oats. And i’m seeing great results i lost about 10 pounds already and i feel so much stronger and eager to work out. It is completely possible for anyone, you just gotta have the determination to put down that fast food burger and soda.
    Maybe eat half of what you do now, start small. Just know if you really want it you can have a body like hers.

  18. kakakakatrina says:

    @andy7666 if you go to her site,´╗┐ you can see the reps/ time periods

  19. kakakakatrina says:

    @LAPPAGURL09 no she´╗┐ does not smoke

  20. MrNerak1985 says:

    hello I love to see the videos but wanted to see if ahy a possibility to translate the Spanish´╗┐ language in good greetings

  21. alan48085 says:

    she has 1 percent´╗┐ body fat

  22. vashonn says:

    Thank you for the great work out routine I have use your material to teach my football team thanks sista ´╗┐

  23. youngrelleus19 says:

    susana your really awesome ´╗┐

  24. modernkitten says:

    I love´╗┐ how to explain everything in this video! A++!!!!!

  25. modernkitten says:

    Where do you buy exercise bras´╗┐ like this? (brand?)

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