Best Raw Food Soup

MD / RN Team – Click – Transition to Raw Food Diet with the most delicious and nutritious raw food soup. Recipe links at http or email us at
Video Rating: 4 / 5

4 Responses to Best Raw Food Soup

  1. abubakar556 says:

    it is great to hear it .concept is very good.i like it

  2. NewportSue says:

    It sounds great…but I can’t find the recipes on the website! I suppose I could watch again and make notes…

  3. HealthisWealthyes says:

    Thanks for recipe! I also like the DVD you recommended – “Money talks – profits before patient safety” …. watched it on youtube … very eye opening!! Thank you.

  4. pmnorris says:

    wow….this is a very interesting concept….raw soup….kinda sounds like a savory smoothie….and the chick is pretty hot, too!

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