Bill Maher eating habits – Raw Food diet

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  1. avo3412 says:

    I wonder if willie nelson had to worry about those.


    I’m not defending Kelloggs but we live in a free country. It’s up to the parents to feed the kids and be responsible about it. You can find Healthy Fruit Loops at Whole Foods He said that the reason kids are getting diabetics is because of that kind of food. He’s wrong. . And today we have many more healthy choices for kids. And it’s a fact that kids don’t exercise like they did years ago. Maher is doing is same old anti america crap.

  3. Lasmamoe says:

    Who says he eats only twice a day?
    He says he eats 2 big meals, but he doesn’t say anything about not snacking in between. If you eat right, it doesn’t matter if you eat 2 big meals a day, or 10 small meals.
    The sugar in Cereals are lower maybe, but that doesn’t make it healthy, commercial cereal is an incredibly unrational thing to eat, and kids are obese because they eat bacon and eggs for breakfast, pork for lunch, cheese for dinner, not because of a lack of exercise.


    For you who believe Pot doesn’t cause any damage to your body you’re wrong. One good example is Elton John. Elton was interviewed a few years back and he said he indulged heavily in marijuana during the 1980’s . He had some polyps (small growths) on his vocal chords removed and the doctor asked him if he smoked Pot. Elton was surprised that he knew.


    Bill is wrong about so many things. Here are some more. You don’t eat twice a day to stay healthy. In fact you should eat about 5 times a day but eat smaller meals. When you eat only twice a day your metabolism will slow down. Then when you eat you will overeat. As for Kellogg’s and blaming them for kids being diabetic he’s wrong again. The Sugar is Cereals today are far less then years ago but we have more kids overweight now then ever before. It’s because of lack of exercise. Period.


    He’s 57. And he looks older then that. Also, Eating sugar doesn’t cause diabetes. Being overweight does.The problem today is that kids don’t get enough exercise.

  7. MDRSPORTS31 says:

    yea i guess being dead is free

  8. Lasmamoe says:

    Stop talking about cocks.

  9. Lasmamoe says:

    Yeah, 0$ can be a real struggle.

  10. Lasmamoe says:

    Way to judge his eating habits from a 2 minute interview.

    Ofc he can’t share his entire dietary schedule in 2minutes. He looks great, and he’s definitely on the right path.

  11. dajkptwinna says:


  12. taraaboland says:

    It truly is a choice… spend the money on healthy, organic foods… or spend the money on whatever illness you are likely to develop down the road.

  13. Lenore says:

    Bill Maher is right that chlorine is bad. Chlorine is a neuro-toxin.

  14. riw203 says:

    In my country its certainly expensive to eat healthily sorry KChack but it really is. Brocolli is expensive, organic prices are ungodly….strawberries(not even organic)- $32 dollars!!! :-0 blueberries… I cant even look at them cus they gouge you worse than the strawberries . I wish I could live in the US and pay what they pay. When I go to visit mom there I binge on fruits and veggies…. my mom makes the most amazing veggie soups up there,you guys think you have it bad… try the 3rd world


    Bill is really wrong about Diet. He eats like twice a day? Wow. He looks like shit.

  16. Vangelcho Angov says:

    They laughed when I told them I would get stronger with Max Muscle Method, but then they saw the results. Google Max Muscle Method to see their reaction.

  17. ItsMeKelso says:

    id rather pay more for eating healthy than pay a life time of medical bills. in fact got rid of my many sicknesses that doctors told me id just have to live with, as they medicated me, that is a doctor bill that requires constant care, not being vegan 🙂

  18. MDRSPORTS31 says:

    yikes good luck with all the doctors bills from your raw veganism……

  19. MDRSPORTS31 says:

    wow you must have a pea-sized brain if that is your deduction from my statement…..i thought it was implied that following instinct meant eating real foods, not man-made ones but i should have clarified that instinctual eating should be restricted to foods that actually existed hundeds of years ago

  20. NYChaos2013 says:

    So your “instinct” is tell you to eat aspartame and corn syrup?

  21. NYChaos2013 says:

    Well, he is a Christian so… Oh yeah! Blood of other humans!

  22. Azbx23 says:

    Lost all credibility at 2:30

  23. Md. Atiqur Rahman says:

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  24. SandyJC5 says:

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