Bodybuilding Foods: Cleaning up my diet a bit

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25 Responses to Bodybuilding Foods: Cleaning up my diet a bit

  1. myncg1234 says:

    Getting big.

  2. Manny G says:

    Your getting swole. Keep it up.

  3. ecstasm says:

    u should watch how much liver u eat bc of vitamin a toxicity

  4. SilentDeadly0307 says:

    You guys are funny

  5. SilentDeadly0307 says:

    Whose the chick in the background, you can hear her

  6. SilentDeadly0307 says:

    Those pj s

  7. Kewlster1 says:

    nice pants=D

  8. HeadShotOwnage says:

    Getting Swole

  9. Tehnubwaffle says:

    69 comments!??!? 70 now! trololol

  10. magicbuskey says:

    See your messages from me

  11. VladArtRo says:

    Maan you got big as hell!

  12. TheFrankiebabie94 says:

    Love ur videos wale! Lol

  13. ItsJR516 says:

    I fuckin love condensed milk son shit sweet as fuck same thing happened to me with my mom LOL dominicans love that shit. I know people that pour it into their Malta.

  14. ItsJR516 says:

    How much ensure do you drink and which one do you buy?

  15. nicholas reed says:

    dam you geting big bra bra shit man

  16. KTK336 says:

    Love gizzards but hate liver

  17. zlDynamic says:

    Hanzah you look like meek millz :O

  18. Padraig H says:

    What inch are your arms now Jon …. I’m gonna guess 16 there looking big dude 🙂

  19. BeatBay says:

    no, i am 36 🙁

  20. RealspitHiphop604 says:

    guy’s i didn’t get anything…hahahaha

  21. RealspitHiphop604 says:

    holy shit why so many bananas a day lol?

  22. RealspitHiphop604 says:

    you look alot bigger brah don’t worry about the fat that shit will shed off easily later, keep it up im bulking too

  23. RealspitHiphop604 says:


  24. TheShotgunSaint says:

    if your a teen its annoying but 30% experience it between 11-18 i got some friends have it no one really admits it though

  25. BeatBay says:

    I also got the puffy nipples 🙁

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