Cleanse: Day 3 Summary & Tips Whitney talks about not getting enough sleep and how to overcome it on a busy day, then she makes some recipes from Crazy Sexy Diet and Thrive Foods

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  1. inberlinbythewall says:

    hi, Whitney

    I was going to start my cleanse on january 1st, but i had some broken heart issues, and these days have been so sad, and i’ve been eating a lot of junk.
    But i’m starting tomorrow!!´╗┐ i’m seeing it as a new beginning, and i hope that makes me feel better.
    Thanks for all the videos and tips. I’ll let you know how is it going. ­čÖé

  2. clumsiee1 says:

    Can you find all the ingredients needed for Kris Carr’s diet at the Rainbow grocery? I am having a hard time finding all the´╗┐ ingredients. I live in the Bay.

  3. VeganRican1 says:

    Whitney, what time of day to you usually´╗┐ use your neti pot? Morning, Evening? Does it matter?

  4. TheBlondeRN says:

    I would think you need to add xanthum gum if you are trying to make gluten free pancakes´╗┐ in the future. Thanks for the inspiration this week, makes me feel like I’m not doing this cleanse all on my own!

  5. acamilet26 says:

    Hi Whitney, first of all´╗┐ I love your videos. I have been vegan for over a year and began this lifestyle when my mom passed away from pancreatic cancer. Currently enrolled in a Ph.D program in genetics, I really wanted to find answers as to why this disease was caused and ended up reading a lot about the effects of nutrition on health. I think the idea of a cleanse is amazing, however I feel that I’m not up to the task yet. I would however like to give up coffee, and was wondering if you had any

  6. keyofdavid888 says:

    Ugh I hate facing a day without having much sleep! But that good attitude always carries us through´╗┐ doesn’t it! ­čśë

    That looks like a terrific book. Keep up the great video updates!

  7. MrNemy86 says:

    Good morning! ;)´╗┐

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