Cooking Healthier for Weight Loss: Oven FRIED Chicken (Under 400 calories)

Let’s get healthy!!! In this video I show you how to make Oven Fried Chicken for under 400 calories! You can still eat what you love and lose weight the heal…
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25 Responses to Cooking Healthier for Weight Loss: Oven FRIED Chicken (Under 400 calories)

  1. Frau Regner says:

    I LOVE how fast these videos go!!!

  2. luvlilashonda61 says:

    Gonna try this tonight wish me luck!!!!!!

  3. mzmimidiva says:

    Wow. You missed your calling! I love that the recipes are simple!!!  are

  4. krezipJR says:

    love this..

  5. kananiloa says:

    I love this

  6. nobloodnobones says:

    I love your videos! I love the fact that you’re making good comfort and healthy comfort food (my addiction). I can’t wait for more of your videos!

  7. AychiTyy says:

    btw if you top it off with some yogurt , it’s even more DELICIOUS!!! ((: xxx

  8. naturallyZb13 says:

    I made this tonight! I loved it. It was really delicious. Thanks for sharing.

  9. ChristineReina says:

    I MADE THIS! Let me tell you this was AMAZING :]]]]] My roommate saw me making it and was totally doubting it but then once he tried it he told me i should become a chef lol. Thanks so much. AND ITS HEALTHY! PLZ keep making tutorials you are soooo awesome!

  10. Kohana07 says:

    Best video ever!

  11. Shreemonique says:

    Great video!!! Thanks for sharing !!!!

  12. 20poundsdown says:

    Trying this for dinner tonight thanks Q!

  13. BeautyChaoticLive says:

    Girl, you got me over here tryna reach thru the computer screen and grab a piece of chicken lol. Looks super good!

  14. PlusModelInTheMaking says:

    It’s 180 calories per 4 oz… which was about 2 and a half pieces of my thin cut chicken breast (99% Fat Free).

  15. PlusModelInTheMaking says:

    Got to get creative 🙂

  16. PlusModelInTheMaking says:

    I accidentally deleted someone’s comment… but the answer to her question: is it 180 per piece?… it’s actually 180 calories for about 4 ounces of chicken which totals around 2.5 pieces :)))

  17. meggan hunter says:

    Wow so cereal is the trick didnt kno u could do that

  18. katieluv18 says:

    Is it 180 racha or total

  19. Joysmommy817 says:

    Thank you so much Q! i went from 315 lbs to 169 I am back up at 243 lbs. i have made a total lifestyle change. thanks for sharing! I really appreciate your help

  20. PlusModelInTheMaking says:

    I actually have done this on salmon before and it came out the same. I would image it will do good on other meats but I would turn down the oven temperature for fishes 🙂

  21. Joysmommy817 says:

    Are you able to do this with fish? I have stopped eating chicken, red meat, and pork. I am strictly seafood. I am sooo tired of baking fish!! Q please let me know if I can do this with fish girl and thanks for sharing!


    This looks so good. I just started my weightless and get fit lifestyle change and this looks like a perfect substitute for the family. Even though I never fry because that isssh is too messy I never say no to Popeye’s. So THIS recipe will be a nice change I will let you know when I try this out..
    Get me some sweet mustard and its goin DOWNN

  23. acestarone says:

    i do this currently using flour but i must try corn flakes. it must be crispier. thanks girl.

  24. junemaya2010 says:

    I WILL be making this!

  25. mle011 says:

    I make oven-baked chicken tenders similar to this — I dip chicken into egg whites, then coat in Panko bread crumbs & spices, then 10 minutes at 400, flip them over, and cook at 450 for another 10 minutes. They are really good with bbq sauce or mustard!

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