Delicious Protein Shake Recipes – Made Fit TV – Ep 84 – In this week’s episode of Made Fit TV, show you two new protein shake recipes. Strawberry-Banana Cheesecake & Peanut Butter Mocha!…

24 Responses to Delicious Protein Shake Recipes – Made Fit TV – Ep 84

  1. uchiha2k8 says:

    that sounds good man

  2. John Gosper says:

    the best smoothie i like is frozen mixed berries with banana, kiwi fruit, 2% fat milk, vanilla whey protein powder.


    Great response! Keep up the great work!

  4. L Bender says:

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  5. Dinesh Panday says:

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  6. Asif Shahzad says:

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  7. twiity86 says:

    ur so pretty and thanks for smoothie recipe

  8. Brendan sMITH says:

    umm why are your arms bigger than mine da fuk

  9. toks66 says:

    what kind of blender is she using?

  10. Fredo5227 says:

    Damn she is gorgeous.

  11. Kenya Wade says:


  12. WhatWhey says:

    Un-mute audio – works for me every time.

  13. nickole alexander says:

    you have nice muscles !!!! D:

  14. Xguy890 says:

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  15. Xguy890 says:

    just l00k for ANTIOXIDANT in every shake or smoothie you will bee HEALTIER AND AND DRINK ALOTT ALKALINE WATER WITH ANTIOXIDANT in It AND it will MMAAKKEEE Alloottt DDIFFERENCE in yourrr LIIFFEE!!!! 🙂

  16. Xguy890 says:

    every shake or smoothie gotta have LOTS LOTS 0f Highest Potent AntiOxidant and if you dont have AntiOxidant In Your Shake Or A Smoothie Your Body Wont Be As Healthy as ISS…..

  17. kay pandey says:

    if you cannot afford whey protein powder, u can substitute it with whey.. the taste will alter a bit, but flavoring agents can take care of it….. to make whey, take a glass full of milk, and 2 drops of lemon juice to it.. boil till the milk curdles.. then strain it in a tea strainer… the liquid part that stays back is whey.. substitute this liquid for water in your shake….

  18. simonamod says:

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  19. tanoy biswas says:

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  20. Victor Moreno says:

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  21. pancakes2009 says:

    What blender are you using? I bought a GNC blender that doesn’t actually blend very well smh

  22. PureTrimWeightLoss says:

    I liked your video, and am subscribing to your channel. It would be really cool if you reciprocated and did the same.
    Let’s hook it up!

  23. uncoolkid2 says:

    never mind i got the name of it

  24. uncoolkid2 says:

    i dont think splendas the best thing just because of all the chemicals i rather use real sugar plus your body cant tell the difference. oh and what brand of powder are you using i tried playing it back just cant make it out.

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