Delores DiGagorio – Dieting Tips

Some really valuable, really important dieting tips from a New Jersey expert. Starring: Ilana Cohn and Kristina Hayes Directed & Edited by: Liam Sullivan Director of Photography: Neal Lett A Jersey girl’s guide to style.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video 1 a few tips how lose weight and get in Shape the right way like a pro boxer add me on Facebook: Follow Me on Twitter:

43 Responses to Delores DiGagorio – Dieting Tips

  1. tanchan46 says:

    Hi have you been inspired by the Acuspeed 24 Diet (do a search on google)? I heard some extraordinary stuff about it and my bro shed a lot of fat doing it.

  2. shortiecanbrawl says:


  3. LilyBladgfc says:

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  4. GreenDayInMySocks says:

    Jersey people arent like that! I should know!

  5. misguidednat says:

    lol thats like the complete opposite of wat r supposed 2 do

  6. SpongyOLlama says:

    no, she mentions it: “… and then I’m gonna come home and puke, ’cause I’m on a diet”

  7. SpongyOLlama says:

    no, skinny is better

  8. hahawow26 says:

    i love u i wish i had a friend like u

  9. yaradar55 says:

    lol number A

  10. Samoaqueen says:

    angela: I could f*ck this sandwich..

    delores: well don’t f*ck the sandwich, cause then what are we gonna eat for lunch?

    Truly delores, your wisdom touches us all.

  11. djluna says:

    love the Jerzeee girls 🙂

  12. tinman666timmy says:

    i’ll let you know how you got hot…boob job and horny boys

  13. jephrie21 says:

    Love it

  14. Dragonflyez says:


  15. yourstillagoodperson says:

    ahh… that’s smart

  16. HallieMonroe says:

    haha omg i love these girls and their videos!! soooo awesome!!

  17. AggyLiten says:

    Why no new videos???? We need more!

  18. pooper6661 says:

    “do you have the chocolate cake? oh my god get it. Oooohhhh my gooddd get it.”

    “FUCK YOU TONY” lolololol

  19. cokeacola159 says:

    omg sooo many beeps lol

  20. fdovi says:

    Delores: “Angela, do you mind? I’m doin’ a f*ckin Show?”

    Angela: “I’M F*CKIN’ HUNGRY BITCH!”

  21. chikusho90 says:

    “Here’s numba A.”

  22. LuXuSbAbE65 says:


  23. scissormon says:

    i mean its happy hour somewhere right? lol

  24. kntckyfn1 says:

    ¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨ post to 3 other vids
    ¨°º¤ø„¸ Copy „ø¤º°¨ press F5 twice
    ¸„ø¤º°¨Paste “°º¤ø„¸ OK
    ¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º look at ur backgroud

  25. RobertJohnGardner says:

    @jaffaboxer Beat/Song at the Beginning of this Video Please Mate?

  26. Tenpin says:

    @jaffaboxer Cheers for the reply I got it at weekend but after using it my wrist was killing me so I’ll give it a week or two and try again. For now I’m going for a run but its a pain this time of year maybe I’m just to soft should be use to the rain living in this country

  27. jaffaboxer says:

    @Tenpin yh rowing machine is great exercise

  28. jaffaboxer says:

    @jojojshmo thanks

  29. smilerboyboy says:

    You’re face on that picture man! haha. Fucking class XD

  30. Specialbenzema says:

    @Specialbenzema Keep on ranging from 15-16stone as well, just over 6ft, 39cm chest.. just incase you needed that info.

  31. Specialbenzema says:

    Jaffa, from this video and the other, I’ve already been doing that and I’m 15 now. I’m wanting to more than likely go in the army and I’ve still got the fat but I used to be really slow and that, now I’m pretty fast at the same weight. Been eating healthier, on the Wii Fit, exercising, etc. more and I’m still the same weight, reckon its staying for a certain reason? I don’t stick to a routine diet, I eat healthy foods and what I’m meant to, may have chocolate or stuff like that though. Cheers

  32. Disledo1 says:

    Thanks so much!!! I’ve looked alot of places and never found something this good. thanks for the up-load!!

  33. jojojshmo says:

    Thanks so much Tony! You ve inspired me to do some videos: I’m gonna try and get a six-pack in ten weeks…I’m gonna start from Monday so please sub and check my vlogs: we can see if tony’s tips work!:-)

  34. Tenpin says:

    That’s more or less what I eat anyway apart from the snacks; I normally have a couple of packets of crisps though out the day I’ll cut that out. I’ve put on just over 1/2 a stone in about three weeks and need to shift it. I broke my wrist before xmass so I’m not working at the mo, I’m a plasterer and that how I get most of my exercise so I’ll have to start doing a bit of something. I know my mate’s got a rowing machine at home he never uses would that be worth getting or is running better?

  35. FifaComunity says:

    @jaffaboxer Its only the baby patatos i have 1 hour before. But ill take your advice with that. Keep up thee good work!

  36. jaffaboxer says:

    @paulfrost05 nice 1 mate

  37. jaffaboxer says:

    @FifaComunity 1 hour is to close to your fight, u have the right idea with a spud, i have that but about 3 hours before with some beans , then an apple about an hour before, sip water all day if u can , if your weight is ok, maybe stick some dyoralite in if u have struggled to make the weight

  38. paulfrost05 says:

    Good tips there Jaffa. I liked the bit about taking the stairs. A great tip I got from an Army PTI when I was training for my Commando course was to walk everywhere faster than you needed to, and if you could, just run everywhere.
    Good luck for this year and I look forward to Vid 2. Cheers

  39. holmeslaw666 says:

    Good stuff, lookin fwd to 2. Eating every 2 hours is a good rule, metabolism is always being worked, obviously keep the portions small & healthy.

  40. holmeslaw666 says:

    @FifaComunity I’d go with something higher in sugar and not as heavy before a fight, like an energy gel / bar, banana, etc. I have FRS energy chews before hard workouts, i rate em

  41. DUFFYISBACK says:

    Cool vid, looking forward to vid 2.

  42. CraigWelshBoxer says:

    nice one jaffa! lookin 4ward to vid 2! 🙂

  43. FifaComunity says:

    Tony, whats the best thing to eat/drink before a amature fight? Ive been having a patato about 1hour before.

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