CLICK(more info)⬆ * http * * http * Please Note: I filmed this video last Tuesday when I went camping, before the start of my water fast that I am on right now…just saying that as you’ll be hearing me talk about eating nuts! All the commentary…
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25 Responses to DETOX, TEA, FASTING—NUTS? The RAW FOOD DIET in the winter

  1. nippon11041 says:

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  3. PrincessMoonFeathers says:

    i am amazed by you. u are shining, i want to get back to my raw life now. i have been drinking and smoking and feel bad. feel shit. wanna feel the joy of life again.

  4. rockcityaudio says:

    nuts give me acid reflux!

  5. kangdoni says:

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  6. akilamagi says:

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  7. romanticspirit says:

    thanks Dan the Man this was Awesome & Inspiring I think the more I watch the more I want to change I want to get a juicer and I’m going to drink Green Tea & Have Nuts!! thanks you!! All the Best:)-

  8. MsKandigirl98 says:

    Congrattz. Your videos are amazing and im now subscribbed to you (:

  9. TruthBeTold2K says:

    So I’ll have more energy if I have nut in my colon? Yikes!

  10. imagine842 says:


  11. rabiesman888 says:

    lol no shirt in the snow feel like thats unnecessary but i guess watever floats your boat

  12. MegaSohip says:

    2 in 10 , yeah. But I didnt supersize the fries, so its a start.  But I got extra sauce, crap. I had some raw ground beef yesterday, Im starting to get the hang of your diet. RAW RAW RAW !

  13. doodl3bugg13 says:

    Uggghh…You’re so healthy!!!! I’m jealous..

  14. doodl3bugg13 says:

    @MegaSohip Two Big Macs in ten minutes?

  15. osakakokujin says:

    Dan you are just amazing, watching/listening to you on this video, like Wow man!! You’re the total inspiration. Love ya man!

  16. thuggmugger says:

    4:50 “back on da nuts, and it’s cool”

    Are you concentrating on my cock or on my nuts? 5:16

  17. angrybuck1 says:

    thanks !!! but how do you get vit-b12 ?

  18. MegaSohip says:

    I had 2 bigmac’s just watching this video. This is a good video, Im doing it tommrow… well next week for sure.

  19. offgridmontana says:

    I meant (typo), what would you do if you didn’t prep the summer and fall before the winter and found yourself in the winter wilderness?

  20. offgridmontana says:

    So, what you gonna do if you did prep the summer and fall before winter and sound yourself in the winter wilderness for food as a vegan? I can think of pine and inner bark tea for A and C, but what else?

  21. palomino13 says:

    im gonna subscribe but i’n notgonna say i got nuts in my a matter of fact …nevermind..

  22. unhygenics says:

    One of your best ids Dan. Beautiful back drop and great motivation for us. How do you do your herbal tea? Isn’t that considered cooked? I love it but I am wondering this since being on raw food.

  23. jasonsensation2001 says:

    It’s New Years Eve. and THIS is the greatest video i’ve watched this year.

  24. BankOFganja says:

    winter is my fav season its so beautiful

  25. thallious9876 says:

    Dan the man doin his thang!!!

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