DIET RECIPE – Healthy Recipe for Breakfast

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25 Responses to DIET RECIPE – Healthy Recipe for Breakfast

  1. msbetterme says:

    One question do you cook this or eat it raw.I didn’t see where you said to cook it or not?It looks really GOOD!!

  2. cavalliojos says:

    Where do i buy all that for breakfast, at a regular store? Please let me know i got 40 extra pounds i lost almost 20 in less then a month, but i need to keep it off please let me know how, if i eat regular i get 2 pound in 1 day CRAZY!!! Please help me i am allways hungry!!!!!!

  3. moreliaspilota says:

    Salba is more commonly called ‘Chia seeds’. They are the Aztec superfood. They believed it to have supernatural powers and used it as money. It has 8 times more Omega 3 than salmon, 5 times more calcium than milk, 6 times more fibre than oatbran, 3 times more iron than spinach, 15 times more magnesium than broccoli, it’s a great source of 18 amino acids, is packed with complete protein, vitamins and has powerful naturally occurring antioxidants.

  4. charliejames1975 says:

    That’s VERY interesting – but I’m not Russian.

  5. nalibouch says:

    after you put you oats do u cook them or you eat like that without cooking the oats ??

  6. ItsBadass says:

    i didnt even know about salba. amazing, im going to start incorporating it into my diet, i am always looking for ways to get my omegas, fiber, protein, antioxidents etc.

  7. Rustair666 says:

    I think that if you look in the health food section in the grocery store, I work in one, so it might be close to flax seed, im probably going to look for it first thing in the morning tomorrow

  8. Rustair666 says:

    I must agree, she kinda looks like Sonya Blade, lol except I think that she’s hotter, for real

  9. TheGoldenBlackTiger says:

    dude this is not fair!!! i just watched like 5 videos and 4 SOME REASON i can’t stop watching them.

  10. nephildevil says:

    salba, nevr heard of it actually 😮

  11. qacqaqa says:

    You tease too much in your videos, it makes me want to keep watching them all 🙁

    Also, you’re a great motivation. I’ve changed my workout so I can be lean like you!

  12. Jok3rDicE says:

    you seem like a GOOD person =) thank you for your videos, im gonna look up the Salba thing, never heard of it before, do i hear a polish, ukrain, russian accent somewhere?? hehe anyways…thank you. hug

  13. spidermatt20 says:

    Any clue where I could look to find salba?

  14. fladave99 says:

    WOW-You cook AND workout. Is there anything you won’t do to drive me crazy?

  15. jamster1981 says:

    can’t buy either over here in england, but we have a few fake website scams!

  16. swemurg says:

    Handful of nuts. Hell yeah! xD

  17. tsaiger says:

    this girl is such a babe

  18. Nviciouz says:


  19. broadnoway says:

    Don’t buy Salba, buy chia seeds. Salba is just overpriced trademark.

  20. cangriman0101 says:

    “Rate 5 stars if you would like to eat my breakfast :)”


  21. PatagoniaPedro says:

    Good person 🙂

  22. meowdragon says:

    I’d like to eat her breakfast, I’d like to eat her breakfast very much

  23. ziKaMina72 says:

    when she put the soy milk it did not look like one cup, it looked like a lot less… great video anyway!!

  24. LesIsMoreFilms says:

    HotForFoods 😉

  25. elchingonaso76 says:

    I love just looking at her too, but she is a smart woman.

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