Diet Tips : How to Lose Water Weight

Water weight can fluctuate as much as twenty pounds by drinking enough water and cutting sodium intake. Lose weight quickly and easily with these weight loss tips from an experienced dietitian in this free video on health and drinking. Expert: Rachael Richardson Contact: Bio: Rachael Richardson is a registered dietitian and a Florida licensed nutritionist. Richardson has earned degrees from the University of North Florida and Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Filmmaker: Paul Muller

24 Responses to Diet Tips : How to Lose Water Weight

  1. aajbitchlady says:

    Hi! Have you thought about – fast abs magic (do a google search)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my BF got ripped 6 pack abs and lost lots of weight with it.

  2. 365to173repubsPWNED says:

    I’m not fat….it’s water

  3. skipcloudwalker says:

    Who eats a big mac in the club?

  4. multihappydayz says:

    Drinking more water makes you retain whatever you drink. If you drink more soda’s it influences dehydration (which isnt always a bad thing if you dont drink too many) , you lose all that water in your system until you replenish it with more.

  5. Maulik56780 says:

    hey hey! Have you thought about intellectus 424 diet (do a google search)? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my cooworker lost crazy amounts of weight with it.

  6. runm026 says:

    @Gentilseulement – I think he just eye balled me. lol I have a lot of hormonal and stress swelling right now.

  7. Gentilseulement says:

    @runm026 How did your doctor estimate how much water weight you hold?

  8. LostExess says:

    you lose water weight to tone up or to drop lbs for something were you simply need to weigh less for, (example; mma fighters that need to drop pounds to be in their division) but if you’re overweight you need to make real changes in your diet and exercise to really lose weight. it’s not easy at first, but that’s life. either take what you have or work to change it.

  9. BJJChuckWagon says:

    There are tons of ways to lose water weight. Me being a MMAist in the 205lb division, I use sauna suits and sauna rooms, drink 12oz of water an hour while im awake, cut my calories by half but use slightly more carbs and protein for the energy I need and the repairing my body requires. I walk around at about 235lbs, in two weeks I can be at 205lbs.

  10. runm026 says:

    My Dr. said that he could tell that I was holding on to 15-20 pounds of water weight, and I am only 50 pound over my ideal body weight.

  11. dsmith019 says:

    @IamHaddy It’s about retention, due to lack of water consumption. A person who is 250lbs and over can lose that much water in two days. But only if the Body fat percentage is over 60 percent. that’s a lot of room for water retention. At a weight of 130 pounds, I lost 8 pounds in one day doing an herbal body wrap which takes away excess water. So, can you imagine this at 250lbs and over half of the body being fat and water weight.

  12. xxEternalTorturexx says:

    how to lose water weight

    Step1: TAKE A PISS!

  13. sumthin28 says:

    @mattrospecs  everything she said is 100% true for people who are hlding excess water…are you arguing that someone can lose 20 pounds of fat in a week? I have done this many times and its great motivation for someone just getting started on a weight loss routine to see those first 10-20 lbs come off so fast

  14. IamHaddy says:

    This is kind of dumb, if you lose 20 pounds of water in 2-3 days, not only is it not healthy, you will gain that weight back again once you start drinking and eating

  15. jasoncruz110011 says:

    @MrZAU yes but thats obese people, if you are good about manging your diet then work out for you pretty well because water flushes things out, so the more water you drink, the more stuff that will be flushed out as well as more excess water.

  16. MrBobsrevenge says:

    i wanted a fucking exercise to lose 4 pounds for wrestling tommarow and they give me this shit!!

  17. johncena1427 says:

    @MrZAU water is good to lose weight

  18. tylevollguitar says:

    To tone thighs do jump squats or normal squats

  19. ALETHEIA8881 says:

    @Ranman551 when you loose the fluid that has built up around your muscle mass, it will define them. i am showing impressive results with reducing my water weight.
    i am 114 lbs 5’2″, but carry fluid in my tummy, thighs, and calves… i am also on a high protein diet to increase my metabolism …. my thighs have gone down over an inch in circumference… do you know of a way to tone thighs?
    i still have a way to go for the water retention in my legs

  20. MrAubery says:

    I always wondered why, if women retain lots of water, then why do they drink lots of water ?!?!?

  21. Ranman551 says:

    Can anyone tell me if losing like 10 pounds or w/e water weight actually makes a difference in how you look? I’m not fat or anything but i’m trying to lower my percent body fat in order to show the definition in my muscles. I wouldn’t really care to cut back on sodium if it’s only gonna be a difference on the scale.

  22. Bekatowa says:

    Pseudo-weight loss.

  23. MarcusNorberg says:

    Well, I’m talking about the simple carbs (glucose and fructose) in fruit. Fruit (just as anything that is genuinely raw) only contains organic sodium, which isn’t toxic to the body, thus it doesn’t need to buffer water in order to dilute it.

  24. MarcusNorberg says:

    Simple carbs contain sodium?

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