Easy High Protein Bodybuilding Meal

The best bodybuilding meals are the ones that are fast and simple, tasty, and contain plenty of muscle building protein. When you want food to build muscle a…
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  1. mateobryson says:

    You could of shortened that to about a 35 second video

  2. MrGre4tness says:

    tomato with steroid 

  3. SolipsistEffect says:

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  4. Meenu Malik says:

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  5. Nila Day says:

    Crazy clip. Fantastic film clip.

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  6. TD4f22 says:

    go fuck yourself faggo

  7. awad awdss says:

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  8. DUAL727 says:

    Again, go fuck yourself

  9. DUAL727 says:

    go fuck yourself

  10. DUAL727 says:

    go fuck yourself faggot

  11. Julie William says:

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  12. MNbiznis says:


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  13. darko yzyz says:

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  14. dijados makedon says:

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  15. SpiritMolecule1 says:

    its a shame that your advertizing sucks so much

  16. TheUnholyPosole says:

    Rumor has it that tomato is home grown. He must add his steroids to the water he feeds the tomatos. How much for a gallon of water bro?

  17. FightFan180 says:

    I have that same rice cooker.

  18. guitaneman says:

    shit this guy cant cook but he can lift weights ……. maybe buy a cook book and boil some rice with the chicken stay home and relax. o c d …..body building 

  19. gpk40 says:


  20. 4liloskar says:

    Chicken with tomato… genius! I would never have such an idea!

  21. cyriszx says:

    Amazing arms you got sir.

  22. chrissept21 says:

    Use franks red hot. sause is dosent have many cals or sugar

  23. kido rico says:

    haks for the video

  24. thelondonboy26 says:

    That tomato really looks like a normal one! Seriously get a grip! And stop recommending the poor kids out there to screw their health like you are doing it.

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