FABULOUS Before and After Weight Loss Photos!

Free Test ► AreYouaSugarJunkie.com ◄ Sugar is your enemy when it comes to weight loss Find the real answers to that stubborn weight. ► http ◄ 100% Confidential. before and after pictures weightloss results makeover transformation weight loss pictures pics 10 20 40 60 80 100…

Free Test ► AreYouaSugarJunkie.com ◄ Sugar is your enemy when it comes to weight loss Find the real answers to that stubborn weight. ► http ◄ 100% Confidential. before and after diet inspiration journal pictures pounds weight loss shrink big fat p90x skinny surgery transformation…
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50 Responses to FABULOUS Before and After Weight Loss Photos!

  1. inomefato says:

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    If you do that, there’s no way you wouldn’t get results.

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  2. wrathfulchief81 says:


  3. wrathfulchief81 says:

    Your body is to die for!

  4. observantweapon says:

    youre so hot at 190 O.O

  5. amuckkeeper13 says:


  6. rusticpoker83 says:

    why did she mention them in the video?

  7. wrathfulchief81 says:

    you are so annoying.

  8. observantweapon says:

    What did you do to lose this weight?!

  9. rusticpoker83 says:

    I searched “cedar hill tx fire department!!! What is up with this retarded video?!?!?!

  10. rusticpoker83 says:

    Congrats with your weight loss, great progress video. Nice Job !!!

  11. rusticpoker83 says:

    what aÿ loser

  12. ballerzblock7 says:

    women /People dont understand the whole point of loosing weight at times, yer sure you want to do it because you want male attention and attention just in general, but bloody hell dont just do it so you can have a couple of guys whistle at you as you walk past, do it becase if you don’t then you’ll probably die before you see your kids have children, its also about good health.

  13. Divawithgoals says:

    Idk…I’d really like to believe this entire video but some of these ppl dont even look remotely similar to their “before” images.

  14. Himbeerenfreak says:

    0:42,1:01 & noch andere FAKE

  15. YanaLovesUxoxo says:

    Some of the AFTER pictures dont look the before pictures. the first after picture is tasha from the game lol

  16. mochamama90 says:

    That’s not kelly roland dunce. Once someone loses weight they lose weight everywhere! So naïve

  17. xdangerbeex says:

    lol how did the 1st chick transform into singer celeb kelly rowland ? smh im all for inspirational vids not lies

  18. charlyndaroberts says:

    Thanks! Very inspiring! Charlyndaroberts@yahoo.com

  19. babygirlmd15 says:

    these after photos dont even look like the befores like the faces dont evven look the same

  20. heykarez says:

    wow! this is so motivational

  21. MsLegaC says:

    i have no clue how i ended up here, but glad i did! keep up the good work. check my channel out if u get a chance

  22. Welcome2ThisCrzyTime says:

    @meladies21 Right I know that too, I feel so thrilled that you also got amazing improvements. Me and my partner used the diet plans as well, and we are grateful. The site if I’m not mistaken is WeightLossAction. info (no space)

  23. TheRobMargolin says:

    PLEASE everyone BEWARE te #1 weight loss pill is killing people PLEASE type in JILLIAN MICHAELS THE TRUTH and please those into fitness and health and helping others please help spread the word thank you

  24. hope2022ify says:

    loved the site, keep up the good work, you all look great

  25. sunkissed1974 says:

    OMG you ladies made me cry. I am so happy and just so PROUD of each and every one of you. thank you.

  26. helenwoman11 says:

    Im on my way to my new life I eat better and exercise every outher day. Thanks for this video slide im ready this gives me great inspiration.

  27. KAYWAN04 says:

    Watching this video brought tears to my eyes. There is no excuse… If they can lose the weight, so can I…

  28. GetFitAsh says:

    I cant wait to do my vid when i lost 50 pounds…then 100….then 160 lbs lost which is my goal! so far 19! awesome vid

  29. mitalkditingsdem says:

    why u had to make me cry with the mariah song.lol

  30. DivaBelle1 says:

    Pls come n check out my 4 easy steps to start getting healthy fit N amazing GLOWY BEAUTIFUL SKIN. Hope to see you there 😉 xo

  31. SkylarPro says:

    @chanellie86 the only way to lose weight for good is to eat less and healthy and exercise more – stupid lemonade diet will make you weak, angry, irritated, if you stick to it you’ll lose a few pounds only to gain them back rapidly after you start eating anything solid – in other words, good luck

  32. chanellie86 says:

    Hay I know its been a while sinde you tried this fast but how u been and feel? I am starting my lemonade diet August1st, 2011. Check out my channel as I complete the first 10 days. Thanks

  33. FreeOnlineWorkouts says:

    I’ve been studying the topic of weight loss for about 10 years now (I’m a personal trainer for a living) so I think I can shed some light on the topic.


    1) Cut out carbs in the evenings (eat “low glycemic” carb sources in the day).

    2) Choose the exercises that burn the most calories (NOT sit ups and curls). Squats, Lunges, Pull Ups etc. are great examples.

    3) Use the software and meal plans from FatLossCustomized. com

    4) Perform high intensity interval training 🙂

  34. MsAnimefan1989 says:

    @AirForceGirl05 haha you tell em

  35. LaFlacs says:

    thank you so much for these wonderful videos ..when i need a boost and my dieting feels rough i can always turn to your vids and makes me keep pushing through 🙂 its amazing some of these peoples strength! i admire that! ..

  36. mrsfreemanjay says:

    @smexxibunny1 I know me too :/

  37. CaramelCleo says:

    Wow, it looks like the weight loss made everyone look younger and with a glow! great inspiration…

  38. smexxibunny1 says:

    i want to be skinny so i cant be health and prove those ppl tht said i cant yell in there face i can now wat!

  39. butterflie2484 says:

    Loved the after for the football player…

  40. MsSimiko says:

    os true

  41. AirForceGirl05 says:


    Since when? Lol you sound like you’re jealous of women.  Women will always be more attractive than men. 🙂

  42. AirForceGirl05 says:

    Wow… :22 to :24 went from looking a hot mess to a dime piece! So many good looking people happen to be overweight.. When they lose it they look so different!

  43. nigella4me says:

    Check out my channel video on Fast Weight Loss Soup that you make at home from real food. I ate this everyday and lost weight non stop. Never hungry and it cleansed my body. I felt terrific while on this and really lost the weight with no suffering. Great way to kick start weight loss or break a plateau! Love to all!

  44. MrFutureSolution says:

    Experts and world-class gurus (not gimmicks) the best recommendations sifted from the masses are at a website called FutureSolutionsToday (it wouldn’t let me put the dot com I guess it thinks it’s spam or something)

  45. tmaysonet1 says:

    Very inspirational!!! Brought years to my eyes!!! Maybe, just maybe I can do it too!!!

  46. lilprincessgurl says:

    im 5’7 & 240lbs…wish me luck guys. this video was soooooo soooo inspirational!!!!

  47. ObscureVin says:

    when guys loose weight they get toned. when girls loose weightt they get all flabby.

  48. cokie114 says:

    Losing weight makes everyone look a lot better. My favorite before and after pic was of the couple who lost the weight together. So beautiful to see them on one accord.

  49. bigricohd says:

    I been on my diet for April 1 a month now I was 275 now I’m 255 thanks to this video I’m motivated. So before every time I workout I look at this and go for it

  50. luvs2cover says:

    this made me cry with hope for myself, thanks so much.

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