Fast Food Baby – BBC Documentary

Fast Food Baby – This one hour long BBC documentary film is released during the year 2011. Fast food is everywhere and most of the people kids just cannot ge…

22 Responses to Fast Food Baby – BBC Documentary

  1. RobynTheDragon says:

    Haha! What did YOUR parents do?! 😛

  2. PaulineLovesPhysics says:

    It is 

  3. Lainehh says:

    Fuck I’d love a burger now…

  4. shananagans5 says:

    There is nothing wrong with fast food on occasion. Problem is these parents give in to their childs desires. I think it comes down to general laziness It’s easier to just give in when the child pitches a fit and it’s easier to just pick up dinner than to actually make something more healthy.The fat,salt & sugar is fine every once in a while. In moderation it won’t hurt.Problem is eating habits are established early & a bad diet will catch up with you & it’s a hard habit to break once established

  5. shananagans5 says:

    My cousin was raised on fast food. He is doing great. The sugar didn’t cause any behavioral or mental developmental issues & his health is doing great. I think these things are overblown. His social worker just called & said his teacher in prison reports he is reading at a 4th grade level. He really cracked down on his studies after his heart attack. 🙂 lol It is crazy parents are allowing kids to eat like this. It establishes life long habits & there are long term consequences to their health

  6. eatmyturdufuk says:

    PIGS! All of them.

  7. insanecaine says:

    What’s the first opening song? It’s hot!!

  8. saul campos says:

    The third mom is mad lazzy

  9. StokesStudios1 says:

    I agree with the dragon up top. The second family should have been more firm.

  10. bluepapercanoe says:

    This is disgusting. They are poisoning their children with this junk food.

  11. neanam says:

    give them a few more years they will blow up

  12. Ali Onder says:


  13. verycoyman says:

    That’s just cuz you’re a friggin’ dragon!

  14. LucifersCounterpart says:

    how the hell cant they say no to sum1 who didnt even pass a year! when i was a kid i didnt know how mac or hardees or other fast food restaurants tasted, i ate them probably once a year n if i wanted them so bad i was shouted at n i thank my mom for that cuz i know exactly what damage they cause but that doesnt mean i dont eat them now but i barely do

  15. philosophergenius says:

    how does a baby put 3,200 calories through his body, that is unbelievable. Are these actors? Is this some type of joke?

  16. philosophergenius says:

    I love how the parents believe that it is the baby that makes the decision about what they eat.

  17. gears1231 says:

    The single mom that is very young is an immature bitch. Stop being so lazy and self absorbed. Your son is going to be a handful because of you.

  18. BBBros87 says:

    Man, when I was young pasta was a treat! These parents just suck at parenting, end of story.

  19. hpnc says:


  20. Ryan Adams says:

    Glad to see my tax money paying for take aways and nights out

  21. Jay Dub says:

    Fast food literally kills you.

  22. GastroProMD says:

    Stupid parents at its finest.

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