Fat Burning Recipes – Apple Oatmeal Pancakes A Weight Loss Breakfast Recipe

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22 Responses to Fat Burning Recipes – Apple Oatmeal Pancakes A Weight Loss Breakfast Recipe

  1. squidoogeek says:

    Have to agree with Cathexis, the Family Guy look had me fooled. Recipe looks good though.

  2. TheWeeChef says:

    cute video!! i’m going to get my kids to watch this!!  awesome..

  3. Cathexis256 says:

    i thought this was an episode of family guy or something

  4. deltahotel93 says:

    This is pretty funny. Excellent work. XD

  5. Dinaalattar88 says:

    @agratonitiz6 Thank you

  6. bretttwerskyqzp says:

    I’ve always wanted to include pancakes in my diet. Nice Fat burning recipes!

  7. loriewillwerthfg says:

    You might not believe my words but this apple oatmeal pancakes tastes SOO good! Try it and you’ll know.

  8. carmahotopprnv says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your free recipe. 😀

  9. taliashangya says:

    I’ve never tried anything like this before. Looks promising.

  10. suetsiatisiuf says:

    Going to cook an apple oatmeal pancake today!

  11. maryamoslerbq says:

    I just downloaded the fat burning recipe book. It’s FREE!

  12. joslynkaulpgv says:

    I’m looking forward to losing weight this summer. Definitely getting your book!

  13. brennaaokitch says:

    I love your other fat burning recipes as well.

  14. chinpeitzdt says:

    I just downloaded the free book! THank you!

  15. agratonitiz6 says:

    Dina, you’re amazing!

  16. Brusati2w8 says:

    Wow, only 240 calories?!

  17. afanyat5px says:

    Thank you so much for the recipe.

  18. horsieboy5l6 says:

    This apple oatmeal tastes GREAT!

  19. vroituz1 says:

    Great fat burning recipe.

  20. izbili77i says:

    Very nice recipe!

  21. Mensicavx3 says:

    I’m interested in losing weight as well. I might just try this.

  22. wycinkowytqh says:

    How do you make a video like this?

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