Fat Loss Lifestyle’s: How To Lose Weight Fast: Nutrition Principles [How To Loose Weight Fast]

The Diet Solution Program Review : @weightlossoptimizer.net Weight Lose ow How How To Lose Weight Fast Now how to lose weight in 1 week how to lose…
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www.lauramustloseweight.com – diet, exercise plan, faq, etc (currently being worked on as of 1 www.teambeachbody.com let me be your beachbody coach!! it’s free and I’ll help you out! Twitter: @lauralostweight Facebook: www.facebook.com I am 5’6 and 148 pounds. My highest weight was 195 pounds. I started at 38% body fat and am now at 18%
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25 Responses to Fat Loss Lifestyle’s: How To Lose Weight Fast: Nutrition Principles [How To Loose Weight Fast]

  1. Milly melanie says:

    Look here. I have anorexia. I would’ve give anything right now to look like you. You are perfect just as you are. Stop loosing weight.
    I am lying at home 24/7. Unable to do anything. I am to weak. I didn’t realize what I had before I lost it. My hole life is turned in to a hell of starving myself and jogging. Please don’t do the same mistake as I did. Please don’t.

  2. Applepwned1 says:

    Amazing job. Keep it up you look great! I was inspired two years ago at the age of 15 to start lifting and now I’m pretty jacked. So keep goin !

  3. clarax23 says:

    stop, you are perfect :)

  4. MrFender24 says:

    eeeeeeeeyees on the toe oh yeah.

  5. loverofhim8 says:

    how did you lose weight? i really want to know

  6. corvey says:

    I’d like to pound her.

  7. saulo1978 says:

    niiiiice camel toe!

  8. OG863 says:

    Is that a hickey on your belly ? 😉

  9. healthysaucysalads says:

    I dont think she needs to lose weight! She is perfect already. Hehe

  10. AlinaRadical says:

    guuuuuurl you have a nice body, why you suckin’ in for!?

  11. xxliljpxx says:

    nice ass girl ;)

  12. yeahimjenny says:

    BREATH! you look great!

  13. Menage Carter says:

    I dunno why… But I think shes trying to hard to look sexy n all.. We’re all trying to lose weight so free yourself! Your face is pink from sucking in..

  14. Menage Carter says:

    shes totally sucking it in

  15. abby keating says:

    okay, so don’t say anything then? you’re just being annoying.

  16. Laura Elrod says:

    great job! i trying to lose 50 pounds i already lost 56

  17. omgyesplz1 says:

    nice ass bitch

  18. Ana Mogan says:

    I love to help people lose weight! I just started my channel but if you guys wanna check it out that’d be awesome!

  19. ThePhoneclown says:

    Did you have a problem with stretch marks?

  20. hazlett126 says:

    heyy Nice ass !

  21. benito eguia says:

    leave her the fuck alone it takes guts to make a video like this

  22. winna213 says:

    i am quite happy with my body, actually, and think i am perfectly fit. can you say the same? and i wasnt laughing at her at all, shes very attractive. i just think its a little silly to, even with that body, try and make it seem like she weighs even less than she does.

  23. nubezz13 says:

    what i said has nothing to do wit wat u want sooo about wat u want i dont give a fuck

  24. rodriguez6266 says:

    Don’t get me wrong you are very skinny. But are you sucking it in just alittle?


    70% waist to hip ratio = very sexy

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