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Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Ledzeppline69 says:


  2. tonybologna3 says:

    wow john cena?

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  4. bkwwatkins540 says:

    Yes you can,hardgainers are prime for six pack abs,because you can eat more without gaining weight.Train you abs hard five days a week and i guarantee you will see a major improvement with in a month-six weeks.

  5. Kevinmm2 says:

    Nice tits dude.

  6. JCamacho123 says:

    lol…rewind the video to the very beginning of the video, and look at his face..

    nice video though, thanks!

  7. dakidkato1 says:

    what happens if u are doin weghts and cardio on the same day??

  8. HarmanZX10r says:

    I got a ques. I do cardio in the morning around 5am. Should I eat before that cardio session, or should I do it still in a fasted state???

  9. cutthroatnukka says:

    what about on non workout days. should i eat the same as if i worked out that day?

  10. dazzelya says:

    I’m guessing you didn’t listen to what this guy had to say.

  11. kavish33 says:

    hi if iam skinny then can i get a six pack

  12. ZiGGAH says:

    Great explanations. I’ll be starting my schedule to get back into shape this week coming and your vids are brilliant and give me a lot more insight & scope so thank you

  13. YoungJeezy333 says:

    nice explanation.

  14. yofavcracka says:

    yea you’re fine.

  15. iLikeDragon says:

    thanks – very informative

  16. aznjl3 says:

    is it ok to do abs and interval training on the same day?

  17. EileenBriana says:

    you look marvalous!
    Keep up the good job.

  18. sergent357 says:

    In your head dude lol go see a psychanalist

  19. wilbobagins says:

    Are you serious? 200g of carbs in every meal, so 1.2kg of carbs per day?

  20. zack6158 says:

    how do u get mass?

  21. skid272 says:

    nice tits bro

  22. Codeyellow07 says:

    Your just jealous because your fat and dont workout

  23. Codeyellow07 says:

    your just jealous cause your fat or skinny

  24. 64320James says:

    take your shirt off

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    dude u remind me of jon cena, but ur bigger man

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  30. n2r0n91290 says:

    if you want to lose weight, just get under a blanket and sweat away ur fats! works for me :D

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    @Thomas212 yeah, you are totally right. Glad it worked for you, too! :))
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    I never thought an Internet product could do so well.

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    Oops, hit the send button by accident…oh well, I can’t b arsed to finish my sentence…u catch my drift…much easier to just stop fucking about on YouTube n go run

  34. stiffmeister0802 says:

    Amphetamines is the fastest way to lose weight, and if u buy enough of it u go to prison wer the food is shit and u get fucked 6 times a day, 7 days a week by a

  35. gsmaster42 says:

    @RubberDucksCool lol no everybody here is fat

  36. RubberDucksCool says:

    am i the only who is fat??

  37. buyregeneslim says:

    Great video. Keep them coming
    Happy holidays

  38. ExperimentLife says:

    Only 13 Lbs!?? In 30 days!!! Stupid, if you run for 2 hours everyday of the week you lose about 15 lbs…..

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    Great video. Keep them coming
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    If you want to lose weight fast get of your fat arse and do some exercise, it’s not fucking rocket science. Now put that chocolate down you greedy fuck!

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    Ice cold water has no difference with just water.except ice cold drinks bad for your kidneys in such quantities .I’d recommend room temperature water with lemon in it..

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