fatys get skinny fast

sumos sumo and try to lose wieght then go to the gym and come back skinny and fight.
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22 Responses to fatys get skinny fast

  1. Tig Tango says:

    what the fuck

  2. 209bdawg says:

    what the hell is this lol

  3. MrBryanleon says:

    fuck you

  4. Firespyrt says:

    lol, btw its fattIES not fattys

  5. DRESSEDUP00 says:

    L O L 😀 I used 2 play like dis wid my sis wen I was about 6yrs old

  6. yamari789 says:

    hey there kids geez dont fuckin try to be hard and i think ur nexy vid should be about………..doing flips

  7. Bryne966065 says:


  8. tajanice says:

    no your mother needs to go to the gym ha hha ha you losers wasted my god damn time

  9. handb430 says:


  10. Ownage4sure says:

    OMG LOL This is freaking FUNNEH!!! Kelvin btw 😛

  11. samual jackson says:

    if u c this video then comment and tells us wat r next video should be about

  12. LaysLods says:


  13. Luanne Whitaker says:

    good for healthy

  14. Kill9902 says:

    I’m slim So I don’t want

  15. Christine Hernandez says:

    Is this good for women over 50

  16. Sharon Siddiqui says:

    pro ana! what does mean?

  17. Cassandra C. Harris says:

    like to find some testimonial

  18. Brenda Earle says:

    grate story I read whole

  19. Katherine Bricker says:

    what about pro ana

  20. kungfu1282 says:

    Amazing 30 lbs in a month

  21. kira8887 says:

    Is this real?

  22. Leona1222 says:

    Grate weight loss product

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