Fitness – Hot Booty Firm Up Workout

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25 Responses to Fitness – Hot Booty Firm Up Workout

  1. westplayer03 says:

    you are gorgeous 🙂

  2. XXXMikeHonchoXXX says:

    i gotta try this workout

  3. PimpNutz37 says:

    U have it backwards — your bum makes the pants look incredible 🙂

  4. retrobabez says:

    thanks so much!

  5. thebob64 says:

    I love this woman

  6. nanneken says:

    with those spotlights it must be really hot in your room.
    By the way, nice house!

  7. StreetHOPER says:

    How wouldn’t you love the pause button…

  8. betsyr125 says:

    Whats the name of the store you bought the workout clothes from? i could never find workout pants that have a nice cut to them.

  9. Aashi3 says:

    Ok i just attempted to do this workout..and i couldn’t do any of the exercises without taking break even in 2 that should tell me i’m really out of shape. Your workouts are definitely hard but you make them so easy and motivate people like me to think that we can do it too and then when we try, we face the truth that we can never do it with as much ease as you can. Thanks =)


    You inspire me

  11. mermaids27 says:

    I likethe fact that you explain well!!! thank you

  12. kirbyforlife420 says:

    so beautiful

  13. Akuma2unlimited says:

    She is definitely the fittest and healthiest female i know.

  14. Sprafikk says:

    YouTube has to enable a slow-mo function or something!

  15. UnbornChild says:

    Love to hear her breathe and gasp when she excersizes.

  16. hkdharmon says:

    You seem to know what you are doing. Cool.

  17. maipai101 says:

    Great tips! Thanks!

  18. s03l03 says:

    I’m going to marry this girl

  19. comedordexotas says:

    Zuzana is the best

  20. jairotto says:

    1:28 LOL mute!

  21. doodleroo78 says:

    You are amazing! I have been watching your videos for a while and thought I can’t do that lol!!
    Well I just got done doing one and it about killed me but I feel great!!
    I am waiting on my timer to come in so I can do some of the newer ones 🙂
    Thanks for the inspiration. One can only follow a dvd so many times. I love that you do so many different ones I don’t get bored. Getting bored is one of my downfalls.  Thank you xoxoxoxo

  22. LauLau0527 says:

    Love your videos and all the tips you give, I was wondering what do you do to warm up?

  23. MrBEATZ1000 says:

    is this really that hard, or what?

  24. PootieKrumpz says:

    Man..too bad I live upstairs. My neighbors are jerks & would definitely complain if I did these jumping moves.

  25. Trowa213 says:

    Your smoking hot! My girl loves your works out and I have no problem ever watching 😉

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