Flat Stomach Diet Recipes – Recipes to Lose Weight: Spinach Salad

Recipes to Lose Weight: spinach salad, salad diet, flat stomach diet For more Flat Stomach Recipes visit http://www.womensabworkout.com/womens-arm-secrets/ B…
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12 Responses to Flat Stomach Diet Recipes – Recipes to Lose Weight: Spinach Salad

  1. michellenn93 says:

    I beleive she said this was her lunch, not what she lives off of.

  2. dorinioanaalexandra says:

    in the title it says lunch idea so she knows what she’s talking about, and even if it would be to live only with this spinach salad with chicken and egg you would still not die cause it has proteins, vitamins, fats, iron…

  3. lilrock1822 says:

    YOR MRP is a meal replacement I drink. It’s only 140 calories and has 20g of protein. I really like it, and it really worked for me!

  4. TheFamzie says:

    MRPs? What’s that?

  5. WomensAbWorkout says:

    Yes – some people are genetically lean and I can tell you I am not one of them. I have had my own weight loss struggles – my diet is not a secret – it is clean – my workouts are intense and focused. I completely agree that you can’t live on salad for your whole life and you shouldn’t – this is just one idea of a flat stomach lunch recipe!

  6. tiger man says:

    some peopl are genetically lean, they are under the impression that they are fit and smart because of their secret diet. she looks naturally lean that is good for her but it is not possible to live on salad for your whole life.

  7. ExpertSaraPalmer says:

    Great job!!!

  8. Truthfull Promise says:

    Thank you:) great video

  9. AzulDiamond93 says:

    spinach makes ur hair grow!!

  10. EATLESSMARY says:

    great little salad there. thanks for the tip on having your food cooked I will def have to do that

  11. lilrock1822 says:

    Good job. Last weekend I ate only salads, fruits and MRPs for the whole weekend to better my look for the contest. It worked! I lost 4lbs that weekend. The MRP really helped bc salads dont fill me up that well w/o overdoing it.

  12. Chemchoumi says:

    Seems very Yummy going to try it for sure!! Keep up the good recipes and vids!!

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