Food & recipes for 100 lb weight loss maintenance

Food and recipes that I now eat to maintain my 100 lb loss. Two more updated videos of food I eat 2.5 years out can be found here: and
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  1. ponervhi says:

    Hi! Have you ever tried – fast abs magic (do a search on google)? Ive heard some great things about it and my buddy got ripped Six pack abs and lost crazy amounts of fat with it.

  2. Kellawanda says:

    @elisaannh: Pretty much. Whats scarier is when they color the food in these bright colors and people still eat it. I have an updated video of food I eat…as I progress I cut out more and more of the processed stuff that I shouldnt have been eating. I added the link to this videos description if you want to check it out 🙂

  3. elisaannh says:

    Does American food comes in other than colorful boxes and in plastic?

  4. cutesyxgirl911 says:

    Your so beautiful both before and after. I hope that one day I can have your figuire. Would love to see more recipes!

  5. Mommaof3Cypress says:

    Thank you for this video!
    It is so helpful!!
    Awesome job!!

  6. Suga509 says:

    How long does your pasta last in the fridge like that?

  7. zestydidra says:

    Thanks for the video, I just started my journey on my weight loss surgery and I want to get a handle of what i put in my body and how much i put in my body and seeing this and many of your other videos are very helpful with food choices!! I know that i love food, not in an obsessive way but I enjoy the taste, the look and the smell of good food so seeing all of this food and how good it looks and the fact that it is healthy is very very helpful!! Thanks again for posting this video!!

  8. jenniferhenry35 says:

    yum yum yum <3<3

  9. RockstarAli92810 says:

    OMG how many people live in your household, you have so much food.

  10. bigdaddyswife2008 says:

    WOw very helpful thanks!

  11. natasha5644 says:

    Hay plz could you tell us what kind of excercise yu did and in how much time yu loss weight

  12. juleskar says:

    Your right…I’m sure that the “nutritionist’s” fridge and pantry doesn’t even compare to yours!! You’re an inspiration!! Thank you!!

  13. ABeautyAddict says:

    You look awesome 🙂

  14. ErikaThrills says:

    love love love your videos!

  15. crisVSG71811 says:

    Hi! Ive been watching your videos for the past couple of weeks. I truly enjoy your videos! They have been so helpful and fun! I had my surgery five days ago and so far so good. Congrats on your weight loss and thanks for keeping us updated on your progress and giving us your advice. Cris:-)

  16. smileyfacefilizturk says:

    tht was 5 years laterr! we wanna loose pounds rite away!

  17. siobanny says:

    Thanks for the tour of your frig! It was enjoyable!

  18. dragoneyz37 says:

    dont keep your avocados in the fridge!! they will be much tastier! just a quick tip. Also tomatoes should be kept at room temp too, they will be much yummier!

  19. PatrinaStrippedBare says:

    We call that a frittata! After I put the eggs in I put it under the broiler on high til the eggs cook through! YUM! I don’t eat potates or breads of any kind as a rule!

  20. barb1751 says:

    I’ve been watching your videos and I’m just beginning my WLS journey and insurance hoops. My question is this..and I don’t mean it to sound mean at all, its a serious question. You eat SO healthy now, if you can eat like this, why did you even need surgery? I really don’t think I will ever be able to wake up in the morning and eat soy nuts and fish. I don’t want to fail because of that though. Did the surgery take away your desire for unhealthy foods, or did it just give you a boost?

  21. tigermancall says:

    haha its funny, are u sure that you are one a diet????

  22. sheenajoyhm says:

    I absolutely HATE FISH lol and I think it’s cause I don’t know how to cook it….can you do another video with more fish recipes? I want to like fish…and my fiance goes fishing frequently and we have sooo much salmon, our deep freezer is stuffed! Anyway all your recipes look great! I love your video, I’m gonna watch it again to write down the recipes. Thanx for share =)

  23. sunshineisfine2 says:

    Food is my addiction and I just rewatched your vid on WLS not always being the right answer. I do take meds and know this would change how I abosrb them. I would like to know your average meal intake calorie or volume. WLS strictly reduces calorie consumption so I was wondering what a typical meal portion is for you today to maintain your weight.

  24. AlejandraSleeve says:

    Did you ever have hair loss? When did you start taking biotin? I am nearly 2 weeks post op and I need a lot of advise…is there any way we can communicate through e-mail instead of me posting on here? Thanks

  25. annmo0869 says:

    Great job as always!!! The food looks so yummy.

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