Foods That Increase Testosterone Levels:Natural Testosterone Boosters

How to boost, raise and increase your testosterone naturally Foods that increase testosterone Le…

25 Responses to Foods That Increase Testosterone Levels:Natural Testosterone Boosters

  1. kennedychristopher23 says:

    What about potassium

  2. liammcgurnaghan1 says:

    Yeah you can hahaha

  3. Ozy Dayan says:

    You can’t raise your testosterone level.

  4. Mauro Montes says:

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  5. prda prdic says:

    My classmates laughed when I told them I would build muscle with Max Muscle Method, but then they saw the results. Go google Max Muscle Method to see their reaction. (It was epic!)

  6. Robert Patrick says:

    Fat issues mentioned in the vid are really crucial. And majority of testosterone problem are due to obesity or stress.

  7. VlPrtn says:

    JESUS CHRIST said: Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Seek JESUS CHRIST, seek Salvation, turn to Him !

  8. jimmysmithtraining says:

    thanks for commenting!

  9. Spring Back To Life says:

    I am Dr Kellie Scheuner and we specialise in Australia in the Bio-IDentical Hormones. Just wanted to say that we love Suzanne Somers and what a great advocate for health she is !!

  10. jimmysmithtraining says:

    got to get them fresh

  11. MD Hawthorne says:

    Thanks for the video. This is the first of yours that I’ve seen.

    I have a question about the oysters you mentioned… I’ve seen them in jars and cans at the grocery store and can get them fresh at the fish store or the wharf. It’s usually easier to go to the grocery store. Are those oysters as good as fresh/farmed – ones I shuck myself?

  12. jimmysmithtraining says:

    Trout and Salmon!

  13. SJB666 says:

    Umm is freshwater or saltwater fish better? Is grilled flake(shark fillets) a good source? Or would trout and salmon be a lot better option?
    This is my question.

  14. jimmysmithtraining says:


  15. Big Matt says:

    Much needed info. Thanx bud

  16. Tdacoach187 says:

    thank you

  17. epj12334 says:


  18. Kallie Lollar says:

    If you want to lose weight, it is best to search Proladox Diet Plan on google. They will make it easier to get the body you need.

  19. jackedfibraz says:

    dont you mean l carnitine tartrate

  20. jimmysmithtraining says:


  21. jmrbug96 says:

    Love your vids man. You are very professional and your tips have helped me out 🙂

  22. thatonefoofrumlongbe says:

    is there an illuminati symbol behind the guy in the posse.
    cuz in rianas video umbrella buff guy with same pose as the symbol behind the man possing is actually a hidden image of lucifer devil. by the shoulders but im guessing this may not be it

  23. pablowall says:

    ah, so spearfishing is good then? couple hours of swimming then a fresh catch of fish and lobsters… hard to get my hands on nuts tho, they are quite expensive

  24. RoaringChidori1 says:

    metallica helps too

  25. ik9111 says:

    My DR said green tea has estrogen?

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