Fruit Smoothie Recipes: Quick Cherry Smoothie Recipe; Fruit Smoothies For Weight Loss

Here is a quick fruit smoothie recipe for you. I made this using my Vitamix Blender. This recipe is really easy to make and it takes only a few minutes to ma…
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  1. katieluvscoffee says:

    This looks great! Miss you chica, hope school is going well for you…I am slammed right now. Hopefully by the end of the month I’ll be in a groove and not be scrambling to get everything done. You need to do some´╗┐ meditation video’s or something so I can de-stress! ­čśÇ

  2. rawcrave says:

    I believe it will make a huge difference and help improve your skin. I am still working on areas of my body and with time, exercise, and a diet with lots of fruits, veggies and water; I will get there and I am seeing results. I am going to do´╗┐ a before and after once I reach my goal. I recommend you do the same. I wish you much success =) Keep me updated

  3. docritch says:

    I´╗┐ need to ask you something…you have greatly inspired me and I am started a raw program. I have over 200 pounds to lose. I need to know if the juice with the 4 red peppers helped your skin. I am concerned about excess skin. Please let me know or inbox me please.

  4. ashes2beauti says:

    After watching your video, I tried cherries in my´╗┐ fruit smoothie. It was sooo good. Thanks for sharing. Keep the vids coming.

  5. orchi99d says:

    awe u r such a sweety for hooking up the old lady. now that i know i overpaid on that case of bananas im gonna hustle to get best deal i can. love u´╗┐ too. lol

  6. rawcrave says:

    you’re welcome <3 thanks for watching´╗┐

  7. Laura Casale says:

    Sweet recipe and video! :)´╗┐ thanks!

  8. rawcrave says:

    Thanks, I am doing fine. I hope all is well with you. I know life can get busy´╗┐ =)

  9. rawcrave says:

    Thank you =)´╗┐ me too

  10. rawcrave says:

    You’re welcome. I hope you enjoy it´╗┐ =)

  11. rawcrave says:

    lol, that was a great deal; Keep your eyes open´╗┐ at your local store.

  12. Nosaltypeanut says:

    Looks yummy! How are´╗┐ you?

  13. SlimByFaith says:

    Very nice recipe, love smoothies´╗┐ thanks. ­čÖé

  14. kimye65 says:

    It looks soo delicious… will definitely try this! Thank you for´╗┐ another great recipe!

  15. TheWizardofGardening says:

    Big case of bananas for $3?? Can I get´╗┐ 20 cases please.

  16. gotsnoluv4ya says:

    I´╗┐ actually was going to add chia seeds, but I like them in my banana shake =)

  17. rawcrave says:

    Thank you´╗┐ =) You are welcome <3

  18. rawcrave says:

    I’m glad you like it. You can also add chia seeds, coconut milk, or vanilla. You can get creative =) I like´╗┐ adding Vanilla powder with this recipe.

  19. rawcrave says:

    =) I hope you enjoy´╗┐ it. Thanks for watching <3

  20. MissSoulUniversal says:

    Another fabulous recipe.Thanx´╗┐ as always

  21. fruitfanatic33 says:


  22. gotsnoluv4ya says:

    Yay…I made this drink´╗┐ moments after watching the video. I finally had all the ingredients at one time LOL. I like it a lot.

  23. mamieleger says:

    Cant´╗┐ wait to try this!

  24. rawcrave says:

    to be nice, but it was still a great deal. We ate bananas for a week fresh and then I froze the´╗┐ rest.

  25. rawcrave says:

    You know the dole boxes the bananas come in.At the store they had three big boxes sitting there. I open it up and they looked great.They did have sugar spots, but we know that is a good thing, but because they where not completely yellow or green they where getting rid of them. It was a lady there before me she grab a box and there where two left but one had more´╗┐ that the other.I wanted the one that had the most but another older lady came to get one so I gave her the one with the most.

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