Get Skinny and Healthy Now ! Before and After Pic,Motivating tips!Fruits and Veggies

Do you want to be healthy now or do you wanna have fun and crash and burn later. the choice is yours. this is how you do it! Look at my before pics and You will be amazed at the difference! Read the 80/10/10 diet by Dr. Douglas Graham. Watch You tube vids of Dan The life Regenerator, Durian Rider and learn how you too could be healthy starting right now! Motivating tips!
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25 Responses to Get Skinny and Healthy Now ! Before and After Pic,Motivating tips!Fruits and Veggies

  1. MaiaLovesBeadles says:

    In a week? Wow! Toy did great!! But how?´╗┐ Please.make another video!? ­čÖé

  2. arulayi says:

    3kg in a week? that’s great! how did´╗┐ u do it?

  3. vicky2c says:

    lol, wow, why? There was nothing there, just´╗┐ a tree. I would have been more afraid of the before

  4. Dovepaw3 says:

    the´╗┐ window is scaring me….

  5. ionelstancu says:

    I’ve enjoyed very much your video – funny, honest and very inspiring. I am at the end of my first week eating raw, feeling great, already lost 3 kg (dunno pounds as I´╗┐ live in Europe) and I encourage everybody just to give it a try. Thank you, vicky2c for this opportunity.

  6. vicky2c says:

    really? wow, I am not sure why….try again to´╗┐ go into the search bar and type in One Fruit At A Time without all caps maybe? or you can send me your email and I can send you the link.

  7. shereefrench says:

    I tried to find you on face book, but no results come up´╗┐ for ONE FRUIT AT A TIME. Help!

  8. vicky2c says:

    Bravo to you for doing so well. I struggled to be vegan for 10 years and for the last 4 years struggled to stay all raw…Back on track now and my head is really in it more than ever. I took it in stages. Yes, when I am consistent on 811 it works and I get to a perfect weight. It is all about keeping it going no matter what. Keep it going strong,´╗┐ and you will be making a video soon enough to tell everyone how great it is!

  9. dylandebbiesteph says:

    Hi, I’m about a week into this, and loving it!!!!!´╗┐ Never in a million years did I imagine that I could go Vegan…..better still Raw vegan! I was wondering, when did you first start to notice weightloss? I think I’ve lost a few pounds over the last week. How was it for you? Thanks ­čÖé

  10. marianidiana says:

    Hey! Have you heard about – fast abs magic´╗┐ (search on google)? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my work buddy got beautiful 6 pack abs and lost crazy amounts of fat with it.

  11. natureasintended says:

    It can take time to transition and overcome cravings.´╗┐ It’s good to see Victoria’s journey and intention.

  12. natureasintended says:

    Fab, not boring!´╗┐ ­čÖé

  13. vicky2c says:

    typically if I am working out which I normally do, I eat around 2500-3500 calories a day. Even if I don’t work out I seem to be a little lower as I don’t get as hungry. It is all about getting in´╗┐ sweet fruit in your blood! When you do, you don’t crave the bad stuff! Go to my facebook page called ONE FRUIT AT A TIME where I give motivating tips on health and fitness daily! See you there!!

  14. SeekingShaunna says:

    How many calories a day on the 80-10-10 HCRV diet do you typically´╗┐ eat in a day?

  15. vicky2c says:

    I am making new videos. I am now 100% Raw and low fat vegan. I think it is fair to say that we have the right to see what works for us and motivate people at´╗┐ the same time. I am sure you understand that in other areas of life as well. Not everyone can be everything at the same time, but if I know how to motivate then that is a plus. I am doing things at my own pace and have more videos coming soon. Thanks for your input as it is valid, but I am not looking to get paid for my effor

  16. jennifer g. lapan says:

    this video was made in january 2010? can’t we assume that you fell off the wagon after this since recently — Fall 2011 — you are on another streak of raw food? you sound so convincing here, yet you didn’t stick to it. what is supposed to make people think you are one to give advice, will you stick to it this time or not? first we have to see´╗┐ you take your own advice.

  17. mikey4214 says:

    like if u see an american flag

  18. SweetHoliday24 says:

    Thanks for the advice! I started cutting out dairy as of yesterday. Hopefully I can continue on this path. I miss being´╗┐ at my best when it comes to health and how I look.

  19. vicky2c says:

    some fruits that are ripe and in season are pretty inexpensive and get friendly with your local markets and see what is very ripe and not as attractive on the shelves of a fruit store. They practically give them away. Also´╗┐ I would like to add eating ripe is the only way you should ever eat any food and it is at it’s peak. Win win! I hope that helps and good luck on your awesome new journey.

  20. SweetHoliday24 says:

    For someone´╗┐ just wanting to start doing something like this with a really really small budget, what do you suggest?

  21. SweetHoliday24 says:

    For someone just wanting to start doing something like this with a really´╗┐ really small budget, what do you suggest?

  22. Lose20lbsin12weeks says:

    This is really great vid. Thanks. I lost 20 lbs´╗┐ in 12 weeks. Check out my channel. Great vid.

  23. vicky2c says:

    thank you´╗┐ so much:)

  24. vicky2c says:

    Wow! So nice of you to write means a lot. I hope you can find the inspiration inside´╗┐ of yourself too b/c I know you have it in you…You can do anything you think you can!!!

  25. vicky2c says:

    aww, you are too´╗┐ I am 41 and doing better than I was in my 20’s and 30’s! Thanks to all the fruits I consume…I seriously mean that!

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