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26 Responses to Get Thin Fast Exercises

  1. MrGamerH says:

    is this takin’ picture by picture?

  2. imabieberhead says:

    Since I weigh 94
    94-20 equals 74
    Yup I need to do this!!!!!!

  3. RadioZombieX says:

    i unno…. sounds a bit unhealthy…
    imma jus work out

  4. 90210WalshBrenda says:


  5. istofal says:

    @beautybella Yes, I am not as strict as I was when I first started but, I have been able to maintain my weight. But I like mostly plant based milk products because it keeps me satisfied longer and contains healthy fats vs juice. I do have juice as well, my favorite type is naked juice and orange juice. Fresh is always better though, but sometimes you have to work with what you have. My new favorite drink is chocolate soy milk, so good. And it’s easy to find a starbucks if you are out and about.

  6. beautybella says:

    I will try this. I had went on straight water but couldnt do it. But I was seeing amazing results. This not just water but liquid only.

  7. lookinghotsoon says:

    u look freaking amazing!!! I started dieting on mondaay, wish me luck

  8. sandraselakk says:

    @istofal 56 kg!!! D:

  9. melvinvswaldo says:

    how much fad did your vagina lose?

  10. LadyGagaFanatic4life says:

    I’m jealous. D:

  11. istofal says:

    @sandraselakk i started seeing results in the first week, so pretty quickly. You look thin in your photo, how much do you weigh?

  12. sandraselakk says:

    how long did it take you to change this much? 🙂
    Good job by the way! im jealous :/

  13. haarisahbadgirlroxy says:

    @imagine842 click off the bubble and u will find out

  14. boboDaKilla says:

    @ImGeeked360 calculate your amount of calories needed to maintain current weight (google it), then eat 300-500 below it per day, and exercise more.

  15. 29Ashik says:

    Wow, great job!

  16. istofal says:

    @ImGeeked360 hi i try to explain it the best I can on my websites. Im not much of a video person, so i try to explain things in words. visit my site, if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

  17. ImGeeked360 says:

    Ok Your pretty and all But. What do I do to lose weigh for god’s sake??!

  18. BabyGirlWWEDiva says:

    So that’s what the empty speech bubble was for!!

  19. imagine842 says:

    Yeah um what exactly were you doing

  20. TylerTolmanTT says:

    What a powerful Video. Your passion really comes through!

  21. OneMoreGamePleaseMom says:

    Anyone elt’s notice that girls boob showing at 00:13

  22. TheSecretUnknown2010 says:

    Check out my weight loss video please. I just started today, and I’d love to have some people following me and encouraging me! I’ll be making a video every Sunday about my progress! Thank you everyone 😀 God Bless!

  23. NikiGore says:

    So she was 160 – 20 = 140

    So if I lost 20 pounds id be 110

    Wow I need to do this

  24. s0aphy says:

    omg 0.0
    thats amazzing 0.0

  25. BritannyaGrace1 says:

    ty ty ty ty ty i have a killer bod, but that mid section gets me, im doing this tomorow AM

  26. friskyspark says:

    @Lady2King get a kettlebell and do swings best investment ever!!

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