Getting Healthy: Mini Haul, My diet, Workouts, & Motivations

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3 Responses to Getting Healthy: Mini Haul, My diet, Workouts, & Motivations

  1. PrimalBeautyQueen says:

    Great video! Good luck achieving your goals…stay motivated and you’ll surely reach them!

  2. mslindasbeauty says:

    cute workout clothes motivates me too! especially the colorful ones. lol!

  3. getglamgrace says:

    Yay my new years resolution has been to just exercise more (with the hope of losing weight). Have you seen blogilates? She makes a calender every month with a workout plan (filled with her videos) for every day! They’re really hard and I usually can’t do the full hour, but I can definitely tell a difference. Also the unsweet tea at Mcdonalds (I know you said stay away from there!) is really good with one pack of splenda because its 0 calories and a nice treat. Make more health update videos!

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