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Expert advice on healthy eating habits and healthy life by Dietitian in Hindi, India. For further advice write me your vitals at
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  8. Rajinder Mann says:

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  9. Ramnaresh Singh says:



    plz,upload more vidio

  11. Arvind Jain says:

    want to gain weigt arot 5 to 10 kg. i m vegt….wat shld i do?

  12. TheChetandhuper says:

    Hello Megha..i tried many dieting,nothing ever happened.I work in night shift and in last 2 years i have gained more than 20 kg.i am 5.6″ and weighted 95 kg please suggest me some thing.because i don’t get any option for night shift worker.thank you

  13. PyleJohn24 says:

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  14. Robert Lopez says:

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  15. Zilin Wang says:

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  16. baljit kaur says:

    hi,im baljit from italy.mujhe apna weight 20kg kam karna hai,now my w.78kg.h.157.a 37.please

  17. deevana89 says:

    This video misses some important advice: reduce intake of fats, specially saturated fats, sugar and refined carbohydrates. Fruit is better than fruit juice because juices raises your blood sugar level faster. Red meats are worse than fish, and possibly chicken. Eat healthy fats such as nuts, seeds. Absolutely avoid sugary drinks such as coke.

  18. Himanshushekhar72 says:

    Nice diet tips…but how can i contact u..plz rply

  19. Raghvendra Karauliya says:

    Dear Ma’am,
    I’M 28/m, I need some diet advice, Actually i’m facing problem with bleeding piles last 2 year but after operation since last 6 month I’m fine, Now this time feel very weakness n my weight only 55 kg, as per people’s advice i leave a Milk, Ankuril Dal’s bcoz they are harmful for me in case of piles. that is right ?, plz tell me wht can i take on my diet. how to gain weight n leave weakness.

  20. avmuneerahmed says:

    its a good advise for everyone thanx for this brilliant video

  21. Megha Gupta says:

    Hi Neeta. Thanks for approaching me. Surely we will work together and make you lose 15 pounds which wont be very difficult. But for that we would be needing your vitals(Height/Age/current Weight). Our Email IDis mentioned in the description above. Kindly email this information to me and we will take it from there. Once you email, I will have your email id, and will approach you for any further questions.

  22. MrMadgangsta says:

    hi this is neeta mujhe apna weight 15 pound kum karna hai. main kaise karu. please tell me

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