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24 Responses to Healthy Recipes…Broccoli Stuffed Chicken Breast

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  2. Angela Nada says:

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  4. albee1000 says:

    Gotta give this a try.

  5. tzuspic20 says:

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  6. BityKfemcee says:

    yumm looks sooo delicious.. my favorite..chicken breast and broccoli 🙂

  7. Cynthia Randolph says:

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  8. rash krish says:

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  9. fitcoach2007 says:


  10. RasmusxMel says:

    This looks amazing and simple to make, going to subscribe so i can keep track of your videos!

  11. MrAdabeesi says:

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  12. Goran Spasic says:

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  13. Genesis Sarmiento says:

    @fitcoach2007 Bread Crums?? Like Any Kind Of Bread And Just Crum It Up Or What??

  14. Zeviel says:

    i was watching this in bed when i couldn’t sleep.. my husband woke up and thought i was watching a porno because of the music lol

  15. Caramel G says:

    Looks delicious going to try it…I hope my kids will like it!

  16. fitcoach2007 says:

    Hi Chris, I dont track micronutrient counts. I use portion control I am just adding bread crumbs as a crust so there is not much, plus you are baking it.

  17. Chris George says:

    Looks like a simple and fast dinner. Wondering how many carbs are in this with the bread crumbs? Me and my wife are on the low carb diet and its working great so just want to know how this fits with that diet.

  18. fitcoach2007 says:

    ALL the ingredients are listed in the first 26 seconds of the video. It is fresh broccoli, and no corn starch. I created this video back in 2008. I have learned many lessons since then and I hope you enjoy all the other 140 videos I have on my channel.

    Chef Juan

  19. Yesenia Jackson says:


  20. Rana Jana says:

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  21. mario luigi says:

    Love the porn music.

  22. fitcoach2007 says:

    yea thats the only way to go!

  23. coachrollieworkouts says:

    Nice! I don’t count calories either. As much as I can, I try to eat “healthy food”, high in nutrients. (Veggies, chicken, fish, berries etc.) And that works well!

  24. Pulok Chowdhury says:

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